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Aluminum heat transfer machine

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Capping vacuum pumping machine, I don’t know how the processing effect is? How to base
I’m not talking about heat transfer cups, T-shirts. It’s about transferring wood grain on aluminum profile. Please understand the answer of this machine professionally, otherwise the answer is not what you asked

I know a very good Yiwu shangmeite digital image multifunctional hot stamping machine, which only needs more than 1000, and the prices of other products are also very cheap

heat transfer printing is a technology that prints the pattern on the heat-resistant adhesive tape and prints the pattern of the ink layer on the finished material by heating and pressurizing. Even for multi-color patterns, since the transfer operation is only a process, customers can shorten the printing pattern operation and reduce the loss of materials (finished products) caused by printing errors. Using heat transfer film printing, multi-color patterns can be mapped at one time without color registration, and realistic patterns can be printed with simple equipment. Heat transfer printing equipment is used to decorate aluminum shapes and various metal plates, which can achieve the effect of wood products or marble. The heat transfer equipment works according to the principle of thermal sublimation. It can quickly transfer the required wood grain or marble grain to the surface of aluminum powder coating in 3-5 minutes and penetrate into the interior of the coating by 40-60 microns. Aluminum transfer production process: first, use the film machine to roll and cut the heat transfer film to the required size. The second is to use the transfer ultrasonic packaging machine to weld the cut transfer film into a workpiece wrapping bag according to the size of the workpiece. Third, insert the worker into the workpiece wrapping bag made of transfer film on the packaging platform. Fourth, put the workpiece wrapped with the transfer film on the trolley platform of the heat transfer machine, and 18 aluminum materials can be placed successively. Connect and lock the vacuum taps at both ends of the aluminum material, and turn on the vacuum switch. At this time, the transfer film is tightly attached to the aluminum material. The trolley will automatically send the aluminum material to the baking oven, the baking oven will automatically raise the temperature by 220 degrees and keep the temperature for 3 minutes, and the trolley will automatically exit the baking oven. Fifth, loosen the vacuum tap and remove the workpiece. Sixth, remove the transfer film and check the quality of the workpiece. Lithographic heat transfer production process, one is to cut the heat transfer paper roll into the required size with a film cutting machine. The second is to attach the heat transfer paper film to the surface of the workpiece and put it on the flat plate heat printer. Third, push the plate to the heating area of the plate heat transfer machine, press the pressing plate switch, and the pressing plate will press the heat transfer paper tightly on the workpiece, heat and keep warm for one minute. Fourth, raise the pressing plate, push the workpiece to the part section, remove the transfer film, remove the workpiece and check it. Heat transfer printing technology is widely used in electrical appliances, daily necessities, building materials and decoration. Because it has the properties of corrosion resistance, impact resistance, aging resistance, wear resistance, fire prevention and no discoloration for 15 years in outdoor use, almost all goods are made in this way. For example, when you open the mobile phone case, you can see numerous labels with bar codes inside. Many labels are required to withstand the test of time, not deform and fade for a long time, not wear due to contact with solvent, and not deform and change color due to high temperature. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt a special material printing medium and printing material to ensure these characteristics, which can not be achieved by general inkjet and exciting printing technology.

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