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Apple desktop computer packaging foam how to put

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it is very scientific, and the installation machine is placed in shape

I hope I can help you

it depends on the specific situation. Apple all-in-one and desktop computers have their own advantages and disadvantages, which should be determined according to their own needs

Desktop: at least one host and one display, but the host configuration is arbitrary, and the large chassis does not have the problem of difficult heat dissipation. It is a very mainstream model
all in one machine: the advantage is that the display and the main box are combined together, which is beautiful and does not occupy space, but the heat dissipation can not be compared with desktop computers


if you want a computer with high-end configuration, you must buy a desktop computer. If you just want to put it at home, it’s better to buy an all-in-one computer.

it’s put away when leaving the factory. If it’s wrong, it’s disassembled. Replace it quickly and hope to adopt it.

load the paper box, and then put the box on the balcony or somewhere out of the way.

it is installed according to the machine shape, which is very simple!

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