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Application and advantages of wood materials

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China is a country with poor forest resources. Due to the rapid development of national economy, the contradiction between the sustainable development of forest resources and the supply and demand of wood products is becoming increasingly acute. The forest industry has to be in the situation of over cutting for a long time, resulting in the depletion of recoverable resources, which makes the wood packaging industry in a very embarrassing situation. In this situation, how to fundamentally solve these problems, realize the green packaging of wood products and implement the scientific outlook on development, so as to promote the sustainable development of China’s resources? The author only discusses the packaging of wood products as follows
1 wood materials are natural green packaging materials
firstly, wood packaging has its unique advantages. Wood is recognized as a renewable resource in the world. It is the oldest packaging material in history. Secondly, wood processing has little pollution and good environmental coordination. This can be explained by the amount of carbon dioxide emitted in the processing process. Wood packaging has good environmental protection characteristics. In addition, compared with other materials, wood processing consumes the least energy. In addition, wood has pleasant visual, tactile, olfactory and humidity control characteristics. It is a good indoor environmental material and living appliance material. Especially the paper products with wood as the main raw material have good printability and excellent folding performance, light weight and easy recycling. It is the most widely used material in the packaging industry
apart from synthetic materials such as plastics and rubber, among all natural renewable materials, only wood itself is not only an environmental protection material, but also has its unique green packaging performance. Therefore, wood packaging material is one of the most widely used green packaging raw materials in the world in the future
2 application status of wood packaging
in recent years, China’s economy has developed rapidly, increasing at the rate of 9% every year. At the same time, various resources are also consumed greatly, and wood is one of them. As we all know, China’s timber resources are extremely scarce. According to the trend analysis of wood consumption over the years, the average annual consumption of wood in China has reached 330 million m3, 370 million m3 in 2005 and 460 million m3 in 2015. According to the demand forecast data, the minimum gap between wood supply and demand in the future (2005 ~ 2015) will reach 120 ~ 170 million m3. Therefore, a large amount of wood needs to be imported every year to make up for the huge gap between supply and demand. However, in the annual consumption of 300 million m3 in China, almost one tenth of the wood is used for various product packaging. For example, the annual consumption of paper packaging products in China is about 20 million tons, of which wood pulp accounts for about 40%, nearly 8 million tons, and the consumption of pure commercial wood is more than 20 million m3. If these wood are erected, it will be a vast forest

at present, more and more consumers begin to treat the choice of wooden doors as an important aspect of decoration, and invest a lot of energy, time and money in it, in order to find the most satisfactory facade for their bedroom. But in the face of a wide range of wooden doors, most consumers feel at a loss

indeed, the wooden door market has developed rapidly in recent years, with thousands of differences in category, specification, quality, performance, appearance, material selection and price

generally speaking, the so-called wooden door is the general name of various forms, structures and doors used in architecture and decoration made of various wooden materials. At present, there are many kinds of door-to-door in the building materials market. Molded doors, solid wood doors, solid wood composite doors and embossed doors can be divided into two categories. One is the traditional wooden door, that is, the so-called “all solid wood” wooden door in the market; The other is modern wooden door, which mainly refers to solid wood composite door. In the wooden door market, these two categories of wooden doors have a considerable number of consumer groups and occupy a huge market share


traditional solid wood doors, especially high-grade solid wood doors, have become a bright spot in the wood door market and are favored by some people with strong consumption strength in the market. The overall solid wood door has outstanding advantages: fresh and beautiful color, natural and harmonious texture, giving people a comfortable, smooth and relaxed feeling, good humidity regulation, thermal insulation, sound insulation and shock absorption effect, warm and elastic touch

if the overall structure is made of high-grade materials, such as pear, cherry, maple, oak, etc., it will be more luxurious, dignified, thick and elegant. Of course, like any wooden decoration products, all solid wood doors can also be divided into high, medium and low grades. There are not only great differences in materials, but also differences in design, process and technology level, quality, performance and service life. Moreover, even the titles of “complete solid wood” door, “overall full solid wood” door and “pure full solid wood” door in the current market are hype by businesses to promote solid wood doors, which is neither standardized nor scientific. In fact, any traditional solid wood door is inseparable from the treatment and processing of modern technology. Moreover, the higher the wood of high-grade solid wood door, the more it needs to use new scientific and technological means and process through modern advanced technology, so as to show its unique advantages. In addition, the more emphasis is placed on “complete”, “integral” and “pure” solid wood doors, the greater the technical difficulty of dehydration treatment and the greater the probability of cracking and deformation during use. Therefore, when purchasing all solid wood doors, we should not only pay attention to their appearance, wood, performance and price, but also pay attention to the moisture content of the product. In addition to the material, the complex and standardized processing procedures play an important role in the quality and price of solid wood doors

solid wood composite door is a large-scale and factory made wooden door adopting the composite method of new design, new structure and new function. This kind of wooden door not only overcomes the deficiency that the whole solid wood door is easy to crack and deform, but also maintains the beautiful and natural performance of the solid wood door, which is rich in heat preservation, moisture retention and sound insulation. Solid wood composite doors are mostly made of low-grade pine or plantation wood as the core material skeleton of the door. The outer layer is pasted with medium density fiber board, and the more advanced and fashionable ones are pasted with solid wood veneer, which is made after a series of high-temperature and high-pressure treatment. The advantage of this wooden composite door is that the moisture content of the door core framework is strictly controlled because it is dried in strict procedures and processed by advanced technological means, so as to ensure that it is not easy to deform and crack after use. In addition, whether medium density fiberboard or solid wood veneer is used as the facing material, it needs a certain thickness. Therefore, in addition to the bright and clean finish and beautiful color, the protective effect on the wooden door is significantly strengthened and its service life is prolonged. In particular, the appearance effect of solid wood veneer is no different from that of solid wood door. The better the finishing material of composite door, the more expensive the price. This is also the reason why the price of many medium and low-grade solid wood doors in the m
arket can not catch up with the price of high-grade composite wood doors

from the perspective of environmental protection, all solid wood doors require many wood raw materials, high requirements and large resource consumption, which is unfavorable to the protection of forest resources from the perspective of long-term development; The solid wood composite door is in line with the international concept of environmental protection, with huge market potential and promising prospects

at present, in the domestic wooden door market, doors and door covers are generally sold together, which is convenient for consumers. Modern batch industrial production is completed on the assembly line. If consumers only buy doors and don’t buy door covers, it’s difficult for even a highly skilled decoration master to mix the paint color that is no worse than the original door silk. In addition, the installation process is also an important step to ensure the smooth opening and closing of wooden doors in long-term use. If you only buy the door and install it on the original door pocket, it is difficult for the whole door to bear uniform force and fit tightly. Improper installation will also cause damage and deformation of the door or door pocket. The goods with door cover are actually a whole. The hinge holes on the door are milled out by machine, which is both standard and appropriate. The door and door cover can be installed tightly, firmly and without gap.

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