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Application of green materials in packaging design!

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1. Green materials refer to materials that coexist harmoniously with the ecological environment and are conducive to human health in the aspects of raw material adoption, product manufacturing, use, recycling and waste treatment. They should have the functions of purification, absorption and health promotion
2. Current situation:
in China, due to the coexistence of various systems, economic forms and consumer groups, the Chinese market has become a hodgepodge of printing and packaging culture and packaging products all over the world. In large supermarkets, there are a wide range of packaging products with different styles, but there are few products representing China’s national design style, and generally lack personalized and humanized design. In a word, China’s packaging design market is in an irregular state as a whole
the gap between Chinese packaging design and European packaging design
differences in the living environment of packaging design: the economic and cultural advantages make Europe in the high-end market in the world economic industrial chain. It can continuously export high value-added design and R & D products to enter the third world countries for profit. China is in the low-end market of the industrial chain of the world economy and is positioned in the link of product processing and replication, resulting in the downturn of national enterprises, unable to realize the dissemination of national culture, let alone the nationality of design. Here, we have to mention that China’s private economy is developing at a high speed, such as private enterprises in Guangdong, Zhejiang and Jiangsu. Although the starting point is low, the development speed is very fast, and they are in line with the world economy with great leap forward development. The rise of these national enterprises has found the direction for China’s national industry, established confidence and loyalty to national brands for the whole group of China
different packaging design concepts: due to the economic integration of the EU, we can see the products of various European countries in large supermarkets in European countries. They generally abide by some international standards and maintain their own national style. We can clearly distinguish British products, German products and French products according to the unique styles of various countries. Chinese counterparts are too much to abandon their nationality, proud of the conceptual imitation of overseas products, and misinterpret the concept of modern commodity packaging design
packaging design intellectual property system: developed countries in the world, such as Europe, have relatively mature packaging design intellectual property protection system, which can protect designers’ packaging design works from infringement by legal means, and ensure the implementation of packaging design in terms of policy. China’s relevant systems and systems have not been fully established. In order to reduce costs, model and plagiarism have become the mainstream
composition of packaging design talent structure: professional packaging design colleges, professional packaging design groups and professional packaging design organizations are very active abroad. However, some loose organizations and universities have just emerged in China in recent years, such as packaging design majors, packaging design associations, packaging design salons, etc. the effective integration and utilization of these resources will take some time, In order to give full play to its role
packaging design cycle: the consumption cycle of Chinese market is different from that of overseas market. Generally, the renewal cycle of European packaging design is 5-6 months, while that of Chinese packaging design is 1-2 years. Packaging design itself must be improved in negation, overthrow and change. Therefore, the length of the cycle also plays a major role in promoting the development of packaging design
market segmentation of packaging design: in Europe, personalized packaging design has become the mainstream. Not only different brands need to be distinguished by packaging design, but even different types of products of the same brand must distinguish their different characteristics by packaging design. Packaging design has become one of the means to interpret the subtle and unique characteristics of products. The situation in China is just the opposite. The brand boundary and product segmentation of Chinese products are not clear, and even the packaging design of different brand products tends to be the same
3. Green packaging design is a packaging design process with environment and resources as the core concept. Specifically, it refers to the selection of appropriate green packaging materials and the use of green process means to carry out structural modeling and beautification and decoration design for packaged goods
the selection of materials in green packaging design should follow the following principles
(1) lightweight, thin, easy to separate and high-performance packaging materials. (2) Recyclable and renewable packaging materials. (3) Edible packaging materials. (4) Degradable packaging materials. (5) Packaging materials for natural ecological energy developed by using natural resources. (6) Try to choose paper packaging
I. appearance elements
the appearance of packaging is a major aspect of packaging design. Appearance elements include the size and shape of packaging display surface. If the shape design is reasonable, it can save packaging materials, reduce packaging costs and reduce the pressure of environmental protection. When considering the shape elements of packaging design, those geometries that save raw materials should be preferred. Among various geometric bodies, if the volume is the same, the surface area of the spherical body is the smallest; For prism, the surface area of cube is smaller than that of cuboid; For a cylinder, when the height of the cylinder is equal to the diameter of the bottom circle, its surface area is the smallest
excellent packaging shape design should follow the following principles
(1) make full use of the formal beauty principle of commodity appearance elements in combination with the characteristics of the product itself. (2) Adapt to market demand, carry out accurate market positioning and create brand personality. (3) We should take “light, thin, short and small” as an example to eliminate excessive packaging, exaggerated packaging and useless. (4) draw inspiration from nature and innovate the design of packaging shape by means of simulation. (5) Fully consider environmental and ergonomic factors. (6) Actively use new technology and new materials for modern packaging shape design. (7) Vigorously develop series packaging shape design
II. Technical elements
if you want to really reach the standard of green packaging, it is not perfect to rely on the above four points alone, and green packaging technology is also needed as a supplement. The technical elements mentioned here include the equipment in packaging design. workmanship Energy and adopted technology. The so-called green technology refers to the technical system that can reduce pollution, reduce consumption, control pollution or improve ecology
the technical elements of green packaging design include the following points
(1) processing equipment and energy used shall be beneficial to environmental protection and shall not produce gas, liquid, light, heat, taste, etc. harmful to the environment. Pollution production process and production process have no impact on the environment, and low energy consumption equipment is adopted. The processing process does not produce toxic and harmful substances. (2) Enhance the research of removable packaging design, so that consumers can easily disassemble packaging according to environmental protection requirements. (3) Strengthen the research and development of green additives and green inks

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