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Ask for “a book on how to build a brand”. High reward!!!

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I run a small business and want to start my own brand. Do you have any relevant books to refer to. I hope you can give your opinions, thank you. If satisfied, an additional reward will be offered.

how small and medium-sized enterprises build brands
brand is a special intangible asset, which is even more valuable than tangible assets. Due to the limitations of their own conditions, small enterprises must plan, cultivate, manage and develop their own brands while operating enterprises from the beginning
first, choose a good product. If there is no “good product”, building a brand is empty talk. Select products:
1. Have the idea of being a regional brand. Carefully analyze and study the market, focus on marketing and make regional brands first
2. Select the product categories suitable for your own production or operation within the established industry scope
3. Consider the personality of the product and find the entry point of the product. Select qualified products from the selected product categories, conduct in-depth and detailed market research, and gradually narrow the scope of the selected products. Finding the right entry point is one of the keys to building a brand. This entry point can be found from the production line, the general environment and raw materials. Sometimes it can jump out of the circle of the concept of product and traditional thinking. At the beginning of the listing of Weilan washing powder in Henan, the author was invited to examine and approve its planning case. This product is characterized by phosphorus free and the price is cheaper among phosphorus free washing powder, but it is still more expensive than ordinary washing powder. Moreover, phosphorus free washing powder is characterized by non foaming. Most consumers in China (especially rural consumers) do not pay much attention to whether there is phosphorus, but they feel better about foaming washing powder. Therefore, if we want to promote Weilan washing powder successfully, we must explore the characteristics of its similar products. After repeated Market Research and product function research, we decided to put forward the problem of “sterilization” that has not been put forward by the washing industry on the basis of the positioning of “whitening and decontamination”, and positioned the main functional appeal of this product as “killing bacteria on underwear”. According to the unique product function demand of “sterilization”, the sales of Weilan washing powder in Henan has occupied the Henan market
Second, a good name is the part of the brand that can be read out in language. It is the first impression of a product to consumers when it appears on the market. An ice cream factory in Luoyang has developed a new product, which is composed of glutinous rice, black rice, mung beans, red beans and other raw materials. It has high nutritional value and good market potential. They named the product “xiangxuenuo” according to its taste, color (appearance) and raw materials. After listing, 87.23% of people who came into contact with it thought its name had a bloody feeling, and 23.6% (mostly students’ parents) consumers felt embarrassed and lost face because they didn’t know the word “waxy”, so they were unwilling to buy this product, which was once unsalable. After learning about this situation, another local company developed and produced ice cream with the same raw materials and named the product “black rice cake”, which became popular. Name: the name of a product or enterprise should not only conform to its own characteristics and the cultural psychology of the target market, but also be inclusive, so as to lay the foundation for the extension of enterprise products and the introduction of new products in the future. On the other hand, the name should give people positive and beautiful associations, have unique characteristics, be different from other products, and should not contain words that make consumers feel astringent
Third, design a good logo. Although the logo cannot be called by language, it can express the rich connotation of products and brands. For example, McDonald’s “m”, Disney’s Mickey Mouse, Mercedes Benz’s Samsung ring, etc. they are all boutiques in the logo. A good logo must have the following characteristics:
1. It has its own unique personality and can display the corporate image
2. It can convey the main information of the enterprise to consumers
3. It is easy to understand and remember, and can give people good associations
IV. registering a good trademark is not enough for an enterprise to have a good name and a good logo, but also to cover it with an “umbrella”. Enterprises should register their carefully selected and designed names and logos with relevant government departments and obtain their exclusive rights. Defensive trademarks should also be registered. “Confucius family wine” invested heavily in many advertisements on CCTV, which made Confucius family wine well known, but it did not carry out defensive trademark registration. It was preempted by the Confucius family banquet wine appeared in 1995. The Confucius family banquet wine lost most of the market by one word. There are two strategies to register defensive trademarks: one is to register words with the same pronunciation and similar meaning in Chinese. For example, Hongdou Group registers “Hongdou” and “Acacia bean” together. Another example is “ha ha”, which has registered a series of trademarks such as “Ha WA”, “ha ha WA”. Another way is to apply the same trademark to completely different kinds of products or industries to prevent others from using your trademark in different kinds of products or industries. In 1998, Sanjiu group registered the “999” trademark in all the eight industries it plans to set foot in in the future, with a value of more than 730 million yuan
fifth, set a good position. In the era of serious homogenization of products, to stand out, let customers know the story behind the product and the experience your product brings to them. The positioning difference of products mainly comes from the general characteristics such as function and quality of products. In the era of serious product homogeneity, what is more important is the story behind the product, the image of the enterprise producing the product, the emotional color, cultural connotation, service and the benefits brought by the enterprise to consumers. Perfume perfume is one of the secrets of the world’s market. Its exquisite beyond compare with other perfume is a package that is exquisite and classical. The success of packaging positioning is a clear competitive advantage of French perfume. The advertising slogan of power washing machine in China: “power washing machine, dedicated to mother’s love” is to strive to distinguish the emotion of the product from that of similar products, which belongs to emotional positioning. Accurate positioning:
1. Subdivide the market according to the market survey results, combined with the differences in consumer demand characteristics and purchase behavior
2. Analyze the supply-demand relationship and competition of each market in combination with the actual situation and external environmental conditions of the enterprise, and select a reasonable target market
3. According to the characteristics and attributes of their own products and other similar products, the interests brought to consumers, as well as the value and interests consumers want to obtain through your products, create a personality and image that is different from competitors and can give a distinct impression
4. With the help of “external brain”, think tanks or institutions can find their own “selling points” and do a good job in market positioning
VI. select some good markets. Small enterprises can find opportunities within their reach through marketing research and market segmentation, and pick up deficiencies
1. A good market usually has the following criteria:
(1) measurability the market that small enterprises intend to enter should be measurable, th
at is, the scale and purchasing power of the market can be easily measured and predicted through investigation and analysis. This will not only save a lot of costs for small enterprises, but also improve the speed of small enterprises to build brands. And how many people like young children may smoke, and how many people in the United States need to prevent such an unpredictable market as AIDS is not suitable as a target market. Br> (2) sufficient to enter the market, it should be large enough to enable the enterprise to achieve its profit goal. The market should have a certain population size, not too small, but also considerable purchasing power. However, it should be noted that the market scale entered by small enterprises should not be too large, because it requires too much resources to expand the market, and the large market is the focus of large enterprises
(3) accessibility: first, whether the enterprise’s advertising can enter the market through certain media and transmit product information to consumers; Second, whether the products can reach the market through certain sales channels
2. Strategies for small enterprises to build brands:
(1) the strategy of taking advantage of the situation is to develop themselves with the help of others. Shuanghui group has successfully applied this strategy. Shuanghui ham sausage adopted the following strategy in the face of Chundu, a strong competitor. As long as the spring capital goes, you can see the shadow of Shuanghui. Whether in terms of price or sales channel. The adoption of follow-up strategy makes Shuanghui popular all over the country with a small amount of funds, and avoids the problem of detours in developing the market
(2) borrow the sales network formed by other enterprises through channel strategy. In order to expand its influence, Henan Dixin spring mineral water put its products in Sida supermarket, marked “Sida supermarket” below “Dixin spring mineral water” on the packaging, and successfully occupied the market through the channel of “Sida”
(3) name borrowing strategy: develop yourself with the help of others’ fame. Ningcheng Laojiao takes “Ningcheng Laojiao, Maotai beyond the Great Wall” as the advertising language, and borrows the name and potential of Maotai to achieve its own purpose of development
VII. Make a good plan. Without a good plan, there is no good direction. Building a brand requires a process, but a good plan must be made first. The brand development plan has three main parts. The first part is the analysis of the current situation. Describe the current business environment of the enterprise. It answers questions such as “where are we now” and “where are we going”. It can determine whether the enterprise should “be a brand”, whose brand to be (its own brand, the brand of the middleman, the brand combined by the manufacturer and the middleman), the decision-making of brand extension (up, down, sub brand, sub brand), and so on. The second part emphasizes the development goal of the brand. It answers the question “what do we want to do?”. The plan must determine the leading enterprise of the action and make a reasonable distribution of human, financial and material resources. The last part is the strategy and action plan. Summarize the brand development strategies to be implemented and the specific actions necessary to implement these strategies and achieve each goal, that is to answer the following questions: how to get to where you want to go? When will it arrive? Who will be responsible for this? How much will it cost? wait. Make a plan:
1. Have your own advantages. To be operable, we should formulate long-term, medium-term and short-term plans according to our own actual situation, consumer needs, product life cycle and different stages of development. “Nippon Paint” is known as the first brand of home decoration paint. Its products have a wide variety (more than 100 kinds in total), so it set its slogan as “Nippon Paint, shine everywhere”. As long as consumers have demand, “Nippon Paint” can meet it. Therefore, for a long time, no enterprise can be on an equal footing with Nippon Paint. But this seemingly impossible thing made an Indian enterprise do it. After investigation, they found out five popular products of Nippon Paint. So they only do these five; The price is one third cheaper than Nippon Paint; In terms of publicity strategy, they declared: if you want to buy one of these five products, you have no reason to buy Nippon Paint (my best); If you buy paint other than these five products, please buy Nippon Paint. If Nippon Paint only produces these five products, it can’t

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