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Baijiu Baijiu and bottled liquor what is the difference?

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Baijiu Baijiu and bottled liquor what is the difference? What are the disadvantages of bulk Baijiu? How to overcome this shortcoming
answer one by one!!

Baijiu Baijiu Baijiu Baijiu liquor and liquor bottled liquor are mainly different from the following aspects:

, the most intuitive difference between packaging


bulk Baijiu and bottled liquor is the problem of packaging, bulk liquor is not fixed packaging, usually by the merchant use recycled bottles or new plastic bottles or barrels to separate. Bottled Baijiu has its own uniform packing. P>

two, the bulk Baijiu from source

is usually produced by some small producers or family mills without special inspection. Bottled Baijiu is produced by a regular Baijiu production plant registered by industry and commerce. Its products are tested by relevant departments of the state. P>

three, price

bulk Baijiu is cheaper than bottled Baijiu because of its low cost. The price of bottled Baijiu is high from several to hundreds of thousands of dollars because of the different prices of its manufacturers. P>

four, alcohol

Baijiu liquor has high alcohol quality, but preservation is an important problem. Usually bulk Baijiu is stored in large liquor tanks, and the frequent exposure of the liquor is likely to cause volatilization of the liquor quality. The alcohol content of bottled Baijiu is a unified allocation by the manufacturer, usually lower than the bulk liquor, the alcohol is usually 52 degrees and its bottom, because of good sealing, wine is not volatile, and can ensure its fragrance for a long time. P>

five, grade

Baijiu Baijiu is usually used as a daily drink. Because of its packaging problem, people usually do not choose to use bulk liquor to entertain guests and gifts. Bottle wine Baijiu has a wide range of uses, usually entertaining guests or visiting relatives and giving gifts. p>

Baijiu and bottled wine are the biggest difference is; Br>1, bulk Baijiu can be made in capacity of a Jin – ten kilograms can be installed. The majority of bottled wine is 1 kg, 2 kg and so on
2, on the packaging, bulk Baijiu usually does not have better or higher grade packaging, generally using plastic products as containers. The majority of bottled wine is made of high-grade glass bottles, ceramic bottles, crystal bottles, etc. with bottle boxes and outer boxes
3, bottled wine Baijiu is generally liquid and solid-liquid testing methods, bottled wine is generally strong aroma and fragrance type GB inspection. Br>4, Baijiu is cheaper in price, and bottled wine is more expensive. This is a point of view of Jiusheng wine industry on bulk wine and bottled wine. Please correct it.

it mainly faces different consumers, one is middle and high-end customer group, the other is mass bottom consumption

1. Bulk wine has no package and comes with its own wine container; Bottled wine includes wine bottles, packaging boxes, wine labels, etc
2. Bulk wine is packed in large vats or jars, and the lid is often opened, so the alcohol is easy to volatilize and reduce; Bottled wine is easier to maintain the quality of wine
3. For the same kind of wine, bulk wine is cheap and affordable; Bottled wine is more expensive.

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