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Beijing carton factory?

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Where is the carton factory in Beijing? It makes paper and plastic packaging, moon cake boxes, gift boxes, seafood gift boxes, etc. Beijing carton factory

upstairs is Beijing carton factory, which can be said to be the largest carton factory in Beijing. The address is in Daxing Industrial Zone, next to Beijing Kaifeng Expressway
you can go there, but the price is relatively high
there are many small carton factories distributed all over Beijing. The price is cheap.
for example, there is a Xiaojing carton factory in Xiaojing, Fengtai. You can see the road signs from Liuliqiao to laojingshi highway to Xiaojing.
can you solve your problem?

there should be carton factories around Beijing. There must be none in the city

this is the estimation formula of carton material. The correct formula should be (length + width + 5) x (width + height + 3) x 2. The unit of length, width and height is cm, and the unit of material area is cm2. Here + 5 is the length of reserved lap (joint) and + 3 is the width of reserved trimming. In addition, it should be mentioned that it is not necessarily + 5 + 3, but also + 3 + 3 or + 8 + 4, depending on the specific situation.


cartons are low-cost, easy to package, suitable for filling, clean, etc. they are suitable for ex factory packaging, goods transportation, material sorting, etc.

the base paper used by China’s carton manufacturing enterprises,
if divided according to the origin,
can be simply divided into imported base paper and domestic base paper
divided according to the variety of base paper, it can be divided into kraft paperboard
also known as Kraft linerboard
, corrugated base paper, whiteboard for higher-grade packaging and printing
, hanging kraft paper Coated kraft paperboard, etc. Due to the rapid development of China’s carton industry, the demand for base paper is increasing year by year, especially the coated kraft board. Because it not only has the advantages of kraft board and Coated Whiteboard, but also has the strength of kraft board and the printability of whiteboard, the import volume is increasing significantly. In recent years, although the overall quality of domestic base paper has been greatly improved, there is still a gap compared with foreign base paper quality. Moreover, even if individual paper mills can reach the same level abroad, they can not meet the demand in the production of some kraft paper and corrugated paper with low gram weight and high strength due to limited production capacity.

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