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Business scope of printing industry

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Excuse me, does hardcover binding belong to the scope of printing?

must belong to ah
it belongs to post press processing. After printing in the printing factory, can you not process the book into a volume and form it
but the degree of hardcover depends on the quality of the printing factory

with the development of flexographic printing and the improvement of system speed and automation, the application of packaging printing in food, beverage, medicine and other industries is bound to show the development trend of large-scale and globalization. However, the trend prediction of people engaged in packaging in the food and beverage industry is different from that in medicine and medical treatment. (it’s hard for thousands of gold to buy cattle. I don’t need to hesitate)
large scale packaging and printing
in the future, the packaging industry will become the fastest growing industry, developing at a rate of 20%, forming large-scale and globalization. Those developed markets, such as the packaging markets in Europe and Japan, will not develop rapidly, and the merger of the international market will become the main growth point. Another development trend is the improvement of the speed and automation of packaging and printing system. Speed and system flexibility will become the main criteria for selecting packaging and printing equipment in the future. In the field of packaging and printing, on the one hand, we are constantly improving the automation of the production line and looking for control technology to improve the efficiency of the production line. On the other hand, the operational flexibility of packaging equipment means that the equipment can quickly replace printing. Rapid replacement of printing has become one of the most desired jobs of printers. The third development trend is system integration. Single function printing equipment cannot face fierce competition, while the integrated system will realize multi-functional operations, such as filling, encapsulation and labeling. The design of unit structure will develop in these directions

Yes, we are a printing factory. One of the post processes is hardcover binding


you can see it by going to Fuzhou Printing City website PPC

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