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Can cold fresh meat be transported by air

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1. Cold fresh meat can be transported by air. Cold fresh meat is not a prohibited cargo by air. It is also in the scope of some goods specially specified

2. Cold fresh meat is also called chilled meat, sour meat and ice fresh meat. To be precise, it should be called “cooled Sour Meat”. It refers to the strict implementation of the veterinary quarantine system, the rapid cooling treatment of the slaughtered animal carcass, so that the carcass temperature (the later leg meat center is the measuring point) is reduced to 0-4 ℃ within 24 hours, and the raw meat within the range of 0-4 ℃ is always maintained in the subsequent processing, circulation and sales process. Because the meat has completed the “mature” process after pre cooling and acid removal before processing, the cold fresh meat looks moist, feels soft and elastic, is easy to taste, tastes greasy and fresh. The cold fresh meat can be stored for seven days at – 2-5 ℃


3. Air transport;; airlift; Air is a mode of transportation using aircraft or other aircraft as carriers. Also called air transportation. Generally, the goods are in urgent need. If the highway transportation cannot meet the time limit required by the customer, the customer will choose air transportation. Air transportation is fast and safe. Punctual and ultra-high efficiency has won a considerable market, greatly shortened the delivery time, and played a great role in accelerating the capital turnover and circulation of the logistics supply chain. Major airlines have invested in a large number of flights to share the cake of freight. However, the cost of air transportation is higher than that of sea transportation

4. Prohibited goods: articles that threaten the safety of air flight, articles or substances that may obviously endanger personal health and safety or cause damage to property in air transportation. There are mainly the following types of special goods transportation

small and valuable items: cash, securities, bills of exchange, credit cards, jewelry, cameras. Urgent items: drugs, keys, passports, traveler’s checks, business documents. Irreplaceable items: manuscripts, ancestral objects, fragile items: glasses, glass containers, liquids. The above items should be carried with you or placed in carry on luggage that can be placed under the seat. The airline shall be liable for the loss or damage of the above items in the checked baggage as ordinary checked baggage. Passengers are not allowed to carry controlled knives. Sharp or blunt tools other than controlled knives should be checked with checked baggage and cannot be carried with you

it is required to issue relevant certificates by relevant departments before transporting luggage on international routes

5. Special provisions for some goods

1 If powdery goods

are packed in bags, the outermost layer shall be packed in plastic coated textile bags to ensure that the powder will not leak out, and the gross weight of a single piece of goods shall not exceed 50kg; For those filled in hard paper barrels, wooden barrels and plywood barrels, the barrel body shall not be broken, the joints shall be tight, the barrel cover shall be sealed, and the barrel hoop shall be solid; If it is packed in glass, the weight of the contents of each bottle shall not exceed 1kg. The outer packing shall be made of iron or wood materials, and the box shall be filled with liner materials. The gross weight of a single piece of goods should not exceed 25kg

2. Liquid cargo

there must be 5-10% gap inside the container, and the cover must be flat and tight; No spillage. The volume of liquid contained in glass containers shall not exceed 500 ml. The gross weight of a single piece of goods should not exceed 25kg. The box shall be filled with gaskets and absorbent materials to prevent shaking or liquid seepage

3. Goods that are not afraid of collision

can be packed without packaging, such as tires; Goods that are difficult to count, irregular in shape, similar in shape to transportation equipment or easy to damage the aircraft shall be wrapped with rope, linen or extra packaging

4. Delicate, fragile and fragile goods

the gross weight of a single piece of goods should not exceed 25kg. The following methods can be adopted for packaging:

① suspension packaging: that is, several springs or ropes are used to suspend the goods in the middle of the box from all directions in the box

② multi-level packaging: goods – liner materials – inner packaging – liner materials – transportation packaging (outer packaging)

3. The packaging of glassware should be wrapped tightly with foam plastic and other liner materials of sufficient thickness and strong corrugated boxes or wooden cases. p>

④ anti inversion packaging: that is, packaging with large chassis, handle ring or ridge box cover; Such packaging must be used for glass plates and windshield that should not be placed horizontally

5. Large goods

the bottom of goods with large volume or weight shall have sleepers or bottom supports convenient for forklift operation

it can be transported by air. However, it is best to use refrigerated packaging to ensure no deterioration.

of course, by air.

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