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Can vacuum fresh-keeping lunch box really keep fresh

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the company specializes in the production and operation of PE, PS, PVC and other foaming machinery and equipment, foaming packaging materials and a variety of plastic processing machinery and equipment, such as printing machine, laminating machine, cup box forming equipment, etc. It is a new enterprise integrating more than ten years of production experience of packaging machinery and packaging materials, modern scientific and technological awareness and modern management ideas. The products mainly include printing machine, laminating machine, cup box forming equipment, PE, PS foam sheet, pipe, bar, plate, profile and PVC, Pu artificial leather production line; Computer automatic color intaglio printing machine, continuous preheating vacuum forming machine; Due to the advantages of strong technical force, perfect quality management, flexible operation mode, tracking service in place and so on, the product performance and quality of emerging packaging machinery such as hydraulic double-sided cutting machine and PE and PS foam packaging materials, XPS foam thermal insulation board and PS foam KT board (Pearl board) occupy a leading position in the same industry. The products occupy the main domestic market and are sold to dozens of foreign countries, which are highly praised by new and old customers at home and abroad
in the fierce market competition, the enterprise will uphold the enterprise spirit of unity, hard work and scientific and technological innovation, adhere to the principles of respecting contracts, abiding by reputation, creating high quality and seeking practical results, and continue to develop friendly cooperation with new and old customers from all walks of life, so as to jointly explore, develop and create brilliance

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heat preservation and preservation “Is two concepts, one is to maintain food temperature, the other is to prevent food from spoilage. Heat preservation is much easier than fresh preservation, as long as it can ensure that food heat is not easy to lose. Fresh preservation is to prevent external bacterial erosion, prevent the reproduction of bacteria contained in food, and avoid the chemical changes of food constituent substances themselves. Therefore, food safety cannot be ensured by fresh-keeping boxes alone. If the food itself has a large amount of bacteria or is not fresh, heat preservation is necessary The temperature of the lunch box will accelerate bacterial reproduction and food corruption, which is not worth the loss Therefore, it should be considered comprehensively according to the situation and food varieties, especially the storage time of food in the box. It is not allowed to keep the lunch box warm all the time

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