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Can vacuum packed beans sprout?

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No, the sealed packaging of vegetables will affect the freshness. You can use the plastic wrap packaging machine

there may be a problem with the method
first of all, choose beans. There are many kinds of soybeans on the market. Choose this kind of small soybeans with high germination rate and the new soybeans of that year, otherwise the number of sprouts will be greatly reduced
soak the beans in warm water for one night for about 8 hours, and you will see the beans grow
find a drink bottle, wash it, cut off the head and tie a circle of holes in the bottom
pour the soaked beans in, pour warm water in from the top and flow out from the bottom. (the beans should be soaked with water)
wrap them in opaque cloth and bottles, and water them twice a day on average
after 4 days, the bean sprouts grow well. I grew bean sprouts in room temperature. If the temperature is high, the bean sprouts will grow faster.

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