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Characteristics of heat shrinkable film

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it has high flexibility, not easy to be damaged, strong explosion resistance, strong impact resistance, strong tear resistance and strong tensile force. It can replace box packaging
it has a large shrinkage rate and can tightly wrap articles after thermal shrinkage. If it is made into a PE straight bag (opening at both ends of the bag), after thermal shrinkage, articles can be lifted at both ends of the opening, which can bear the weight of 15kg and is convenient for handling
with good transparency and 80% light transmittance, it can display products and promote products invisibly. At the same time, it also reduces the distribution errors in the logistics link
moistureproof, waterproof and dustproof can not only achieve the packaging effect, but also beautify and protect the products
non toxic, tasteless and pollution-free, it is an environmentally friendly packaging material
application scope of PE heat shrinkable film: medicine, beverage, mineral water, beer, composite floor, stacking, building materials, metal products, dairy products, glass bottles, industrial paper and other large packaging equipment and articles

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