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Color printing and packaging industry

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Is the color printing and packaging industry related to computers? What is the specific role of computers?

color printing technology is generally divided into three stages: prepress technology, printing process and post press processing. Modern color printing technology has appeared photographic color separation plate making and electronic color separation plate making. The traditional photographic color separation and electronic color separation plate making technology is to use the photographic color separation or electronic color separation machine to separate the image, and then combine the image and text together to form a complete page through manual composition. Due to the complex process and inconvenient operation, these technologies have been mastered by a few people for a long time. With the development of computer technology, electronic prepress technology has developed rapidly. Desktop publishing system (DTP), which takes computer as the main tool, has become the mainstream of electronic prepress technology with its advantages of convenience, intuition and quickness. Desktop publishing system (DTP) mainly processes graphics, images and text, and groups the processed graphics, images and text into the layout together, and then outputs the whole page. The biggest feature of DTP is to use the WYSIWYG advantage of the computer to complete the scheme design and layout composition on the computer screen, that is, the text, graphics and images form a complete page at the same time. This complete page is operated by digitization, with simple operation, accurate positioning and convenient measurement. At the same time, the overall quality of the output layout is better than the traditional manual composition.

in the traditional printing industry, computer color printing is to complete the pre press work (design, film production and proofing) through the computer, then complete the in press work (plate making), and finally complete the printing process on the printing machine, which is called computer color printing (computer color printing involves pre press and in press). Finally, there is another post press work, namely bookbinding. There are many work steps involved. It depends on which link you are talking about. Namely: the work involved includes: computer graphic design, plate making, proofing, printing, post binding, etc.

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