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Dangerous goods packaging process

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What processes are required for dangerous goods packaging?

agit packaging
remind you:
the dangerous goods packaging process is roughly like this.
the documents required for the declaration of dangerous goods for export
should be provided by the shipper /freight forwarder. After collection, the planner should check whether the documents are complete, valid and true
the use identification result sheet of dangerous goods packaging containers issued by the entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau
performance inspection result sheet of dangerous goods packaging containers issued by the entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau
safe and suitable transportation declaration form
technical instructions for packaging dangerous goods
declaration form for ships carrying dangerous goods
the following documents are provided by the ship:
mechanical ventilation
certificate of fitness for dangerous goods
temperature probe
dangerous goods loading location map. (the shipping agent can do it by himself)
1. Provide the export consignment note one week in advance:
the consignment note shall indicate the Chinese product name, box type, dangerous goods grade (class), and the United Nations dangerous goods code (
II. Provide relevant information about the declaration of goods four days in advance
1. dangerous goods packaging performance inspection result sheet
* dangerous goods packaging certificate display data should be ≥ customs declaration data
2. dangerous goods packaging use identification result sheet
* different product names should correspond one to one
3. Product Description: in both Chinese and English
4. export declaration form (a.
write off form
b. invoice
c. packing list
d. customs declaration authorization form
e. export declaration form)
III. goods preparation and container loading
confirm the bill of lading
dangerous goods operations must be confirmed in advance, and not all warehouses can receive them; The ship owner shall confirm and the transfer port shall also confirm; The higher the level of dangerous goods, the higher the freight
when loading, the public security or fire department of the Maritime Safety Bureau, the external manager and the business manager of the loading and unloading company shall wait for on-site supervision

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