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Detailed Chinese industry classification

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new classification of China’s industries 2008/06/22 12:45 p.m. according to the industry definition and industry evolution rules of developed countries, fortune China has a new classification of China’s industries:
I. institutions and organizations: government agencies, administrative agencies of various countries in China, trading companies, economic organizations, associations, and other institutions
II. Agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and Fishery: Agriculture: grain, beans, vegetables and products, fruits and products, nuts, miscellaneous fruits, dried fruits, Coffee, cocoa and its products, cotton, hemp, oilseed kernels, nuts, seeds, edible fungi, tobacco, flowers and trees, bamboo, rattan reeds, hay, charcoal, plant extracts, animal extracts, animal and plant oils, animal and plant seedlings, poultry, livestock, breeding animals, cocoons, silk, feathers, down, cashmere, rawhide, fur, animal bristles, casings, eggs, feed, feed additives, fertilizers, pesticides, gardening tools, Agricultural products, agricultural machinery, forestry equipment and appliances, animal husbandry equipment and appliances, fishery equipment and appliances, grain and oil processing machinery, feed processing machinery, slaughtering and meat primary processing equipment, agricultural and sideline products processing, wood processing, furniture manufacturing machinery, and others, Medical device manufacturing equipment, family planning supplies, others
IV. building materials: real estate, municipal engineering: municipal road construction, municipal public facilities construction, tap water transmission engineering, central heating, heating, gas supply engineering, cultural, educational, health, sports, music and other public welfare facilities construction, memorial building facilities construction, various building projects, wood panels, stone materials, cement and products, lime, gypsum, Concrete and products, building glass, ceramics, enamel and products, plastic building materials, metal building materials, waterproof, moisture-proof materials, fire-resistant, fireproof materials, heat insulation, sound-absorbing materials, insulating materials, special building materials, construction materials, bricks, tiles and blocks, wall materials, ceilings, floors, doors and windows, wallpaper, locks, building decoration hardware, pipe fittings, kitchen facilities, sanitary facilities, coatings, adhesives, job protection, Mobile room, stacking and handling machinery, construction and related equipment, ceramics, woodworking machinery and equipment, enamel production and processing machinery, project contracting, building decoration design, others
v. metallurgical minerals: metal minerals, non-ferrous metals, non-ferrous metal products, non-ferrous metal alloys, non-ferrous metal alloy products, rare earth and rare earth products, ferrous metals and products, ferroalloys and products, steel and products, castings and forgings, metal mesh, Powder metallurgy, magnetic materials, scrap metals, non-metallic minerals, non-metallic mineral products, graphite and carbon products, mining equipment, metallurgical equipment, metal wire, pipe and plate manufacturing equipment, smelting processing, others
VI. petrochemical industry: 1. Petroleum and products, coal mines, natural gas, gas mining equipment, other special petroleum machinery and equipment 2. Chemical industry: inorganic chemical raw materials, organic chemical raw materials, resins, other polymers, Chemical fiber, food additives, feed additives, chemical reagents, catalysts and chemical AIDS, daily chemicals, spices, essence, dyes, pigments, coatings, adhesives, initiating explosive devices, inks, plastics and products, rubber and products, glass and products, laboratory supplies, instruments, meters, plastic production and processing machinery, rubber production and processing machinery, glass production and processing machinery, chemical equipment, chemical waste, Design and processing of chemical products, others
VII. Water conservancy and hydropower: Water Conservancy and thermal power generation equipment, water conservancy and flood control projects and supplies, river dredging projects, dams, reservoirs, gates, flood discharge projects, farmland water conservancy projects, river and lake treatment projects, power projects, electricity, solar energy and renewable energy, other water conservancy and hydropower equipment, other water conservancy and hydropower facilities
VIII. Transportation:
1. Tires, cars: cars, Off road vehicles, jeeps, trucks, passenger cars, travel vans, bus areas, minibuses, other passenger cars, special vehicles, engineering vehicles, tool vehicles, fire engines, police vehicles, ambulances, communication and broadcasting vehicles, pickups, water sprinklers, road sweepers, garbage trucks, other special vehicles, trams, auto parts, motorcycles and accessories, special vehicles, second-hand motorcycles, motorcycles and accessories and related products, Parking lot, gas station equipment, automobile maintenance, traffic safety, automobile and motorcycle product manufacturing equipment, ships, aircraft, other means of transportation, others
2. Bicycles, tricycles and accessories, railway and subway equipment, ships and accessories, elevators, cable cars and accessories, aircraft and accessories, containers, second-hand traffic products and appliances, tires, waste gas treatment facilities, traffic safety facilities, transportation, storage, and others 2. Airports, aviation engineering, port engineering, railway engineering, highways, bridges, culverts
IX. Information Industry:
1. Computers and software: computers, consumables, plug-in cards, host accessories, computer peripherals, chassis, ups and power supply, network equipment, accessories, computers, electronic notebooks, laptops, servers, workstations, second-hand computers and supplies
2. Software: network engineering, computer related supplies, computer product manufacturing equipment, software development, others
3. Communication products, Communication product accessories and parts, lithium battery, nickel metal hydride battery, magnetic card, IP card, IC card, incoming call display, dialer, charger, antenna, control and adjustment equipment, telephone, videophone, mobile phone, group telephone, switch, fax machine, pager, intercom, network communication products, communication, audio system, GPS system, communication cable related products, radar and wireless navigation, radio and television, telecommunications equipment, Communication product manufacturing equipment, system engineering, network engineering, others
X. mechanical and electrical:
1. Machinery and industrial products: instruments, meters, industry-specific machinery and equipment, abrasives, abrasives, general parts, welding and cutting equipment and materials
2. Tools: five metal tools, pneumatic tools, electric tools, reducers, transmissions, pumps and vacuum equipment, hydraulic machinery and components, fans, exhaust equipment, compression Separation equipment, other industrial control equipment and accessories, heat exchange, refrigeration and air conditioning equipment, generators, generator sets, internal combustion engines, energy-saving devices, wires and cables, mechanical design and processing, home appliance manufacturing equipment, measuring instruments, other
Xi. Light industrial food: beverages, wines, tea and products, coffee, cocoa and products, aquatic products and products, poultry and animal meat and products, canned food, quick-frozen food, convenience food, Snack food, bean products, egg products, honey products, dairy products, sugars, starch, edible oil, condiments, cakes and bread, noodles, fans, cigarettes, food additives, food and beverage processing equipment, food and beverage raw materials, others
12. Clothing textiles:
1. Clothing, clothing accessories, hats, ties, scarves, headscarves, gloves, socks, shoes and shoe materials, knitted clothing, woven clothing, brand clothing, Men’s clothing, women’
s clothing, baby clothing, children’s clothing, underwear, pajamas, bathrobes, T-Shirts, sweaters, suits, jackets, Outerwear, overcoat, windbreaker, pants, casual clothing, sportswear, national clothing, wedding dress, formal dress, work clothes, uniforms, special clothing, jeans, silk clothing, leather, fur clothing, wool, cashmere sweater, down clothing, cold clothing,
2, clothing processing equipment, Ironing and washing equipment, shoe processing and repair equipment, clothing, shoes and hats design and processing, leather processing machinery, textile equipment and equipment, textile waste, leather waste, textile design and processing, leather and products design and processing, others
3. Textile: leather, textile, leather raw materials, yarn, thread, textile accessories, cotton fabric, linen fabric, silk fabric, wool fabric, chemical fiber fabric, blended fabric, grey cloth, yarn dyed, tie dyed Printed fabrics, knitted fabrics, industrial fabrics, non-woven fabrics, fabrics, 4. Drawnwork and other process textiles, carpets, towels, bath towels, bedclothes, household textiles, leather and artificial leather, leather products, others
XIII. Professional services: self-adhesive products, advertising materials, printing publications, audio-visual products and electronic books, radio, television programs, typesetting, plate making equipment, printing equipment, second-hand printing equipment, Printing and publishing clothing, media and communication, professional consulting, engineering supervision, engineering design, information technology, information management software development and design, maintenance, insurance, leasing, meetings, training, property management, other
XIV. Security protection: locks, safes, doorbells, visual doorbells, anti-theft facilities, alarm devices, monitoring, monitoring equipment, lightning protection products, bulletproof equipment, anti riot equipment, self-defense equipment, military supplies, Life saving equipment, fire fighting equipment, operation protection equipment, traffic safety, sports protective equipment, security equipment, police equipment, and emergency services, others
XV. Environmental protection and greening: waste metal treatment facilities, textile waste treatment facilities, leather waste and treatment facilities, chemical waste and treatment facilities, waste gas treatment facilities, water and sewage treatment facilities, waste recycling and reuse, noise reduction equipment, public sanitation facilities, Public sanitation machinery, landscaping supplies and machinery, landscaping projects, garbage disposal, barren mountain greening, natural forest protection, sand prevention and other projects and facilities, others
16. Tourism and Leisure: tourism supplies, hotel supplies, pets and supplies, souvenirs, poker, chess, musical instruments, fishing, fitness, recreation facilities, travel services, others
17. Office culture and education: books, materials, optical and photographic equipment, Consumables, stationery, calculator, office paper, book, book, envelope, file folder, floppy disk, toner drum, ink cartridge, toner, ribbon, teaching model, appliances, teaching facilities, laboratory supplies, telephone, videophone, group telephone, fax machine, copier, printer, typewriter, projector, shredder, attendance machine, plotter, printer, video conference system, art equipment, stage lighting and sound equipment, Photographic equipment, video equipment, special materials and supplies for art departments, others
18. Electronics and electricians: magnetic materials, semiconductor materials, insulating materials, electrical ceramic materials, electronic components, components, batteries, lighting and lamps, plugs, sockets, chargers, motors, power tools, optoelectronics, laser instruments
instruments, meters, optical instruments and accessories, wires and cables, power distribution devices, switchgear, lighting boxes, Power transmission equipment and materials, display equipment, electric heating equipment, industrial automation devices, seismic equipment, antennas, radar and wireless navigation, radio and television, telecommunications equipment, electronic and electrical product manufacturing equipment, electronic and electrical product design and processing, others
XIX. Toys and gifts: wooden toys, plastic toys, stuffed toys, fluffy toys, electronic toys, electric toys, toy beads, balls, dolls, toy cars, toy guns, model toys, Educational toys, baby carriages and accessories, toy accessories, industrial beauty gifts, toy design and processing, other spinning and weaving, wooden crafts, plant weaving crafts, stone crafts, gem and jade crafts, ceramic crafts, metal crafts, glass crafts, crystal crafts, plastic crafts, resin crafts, clay crafts

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