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Difference between stretch film and protective film Shanghai stretch winding film wholesale

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Difference between stretch film and protective film

plastic film packaging industry is very popular in recent years, but many people can’t correctly distinguish between stretch film and protective film. They often confuse the two. Let’s talk about the difference between them today
for tensile film, viscous additives, such as PIB masterbatch, are usually added to PE film material. It is made by tape casting. The surface is slightly sticky and can stick to itself. It is mainly used to wrap and wrap objects and play a fixed role. There are many kinds of protective films. The most common is to apply a layer of glue on the surface of blow molded PE film, just like transparent tape in daily life. It is mainly used to protect solid surfaces. It can be torn off when not in use
in short, the tensile film is self-adhesive, and the protective film is coated with a layer of glue on the surface of the film. Stretch film is very similar to the fresh-keeping film we usually use, but one is industrial and the other is food. The protective film is the one on the screen of our mobile phone
it is a transparent, elastic, strong, non-toxic and harmless soft polyethylene plastic film, which meets the international environmental protection and health standards. It can carry out vertical and horizontal two-way cold stretching without heating. It can package all kinds of products with its own self-adhesive, and can keep the tension of goods for a long time without loosening. It has high strength, large elastic tension It can wrap objects of any shape tightly and form a whole. Stretch packaging saves more materials than shrink packaging, and does not need shrink packaging machine to save energy; It has good anti loose, rainproof, dustproof, anti-theft and other effects. Products with single-sided viscosity can reduce the dust and sand particles in transportation and storage and the pollution to the membrane surface. It is suitable for pallet transportation packaging or goods pallet packaging. It can prevent moisture, dust, reduce labor and improve efficiency, so as to protect products and reduce costs. It is especially used for cargo pallet packaging and transportation, giving full play to the strength, toughness and self-adhesive of the adhesive film, and cooperating with the tightening effect of layer by layer tension during winding, so as to achieve the best effect of pallet packaging. It is also suitable for the turnover of products (goods and machinery) participating in the exhibition; It is applicable to the transfer of semi-finished products and other occasions
Ming’an packaging has been used before, which is good

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