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Dimensions of cigarette packing cases

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compared with traditional corrugated boxes, honeycomb cardboard boxes have better mechanical properties. For example, experiments such as destructive drop, heavy stacking and real loading rolling show that the damage rate of fragile articles in honeycomb cardboard boxes is 50% ~ 97% lower than that in corrugated boxes; Put 600kg weight on the empty box for pressure test for three months without deformation, and there is no need for polystyrene liner; The weight ratio with corrugated boxes of the same specification is 2:5, which can save 60% of paperboard. The popularization and application of this kind of carton will play a positive role in reducing the damage rate of goods in the circulation process and improving the quality of packaged products. Especially for jade carvings and handicrafts with high value, honeycomb carton is the best choice.

package size of each cigarette: 475 (L) × 260(W) × 595 (H)
number of cigarettes per package: 50
weight of cigarettes per package: 15 kg

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