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Do automobile KD logistics, who can communicate???

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Do auto KD [wiki] Logistics [/wiki], just started, please give more advice!!

at present, what is the most difficult and difficult thing about automobile KD logistics from receiving, packaging, transshipment, loading, unloading, tallying, information processing (handover)? My experience is: 1. The reliability of packaging. I always worry about poor packaging when doing KD project management in an automobile factory. The domestic packaging is indeed poor, and good is not cheap. 2. Information processing is very difficult. At present, we still use Excel to do it. Once we made a mistake, declared it out, and found it at the customs broker. Insurance! Or you’ll be embarrassed! 3. The foreign tally was out of control and wanted to control it, but the other party didn’t understand. The unloading was very rude and the cargo damage became fearful. 4. When [wiki] transportation [/wiki] is selected, it is difficult to control the loading capacity. Once, a fire broke out. One 200 units in the first batch and half more units in the second batch. Tired!! After reflection for a long time, I didn’t find the reason.

the packaging of automobile KD parts logistics is indeed a very systematic project. The export transportation cycle of KD parts is relatively long, the transportation environment is bad, and there are mostly multimodal transport, so we have high requirements for packaging quality. 2. The trade mode of exporting KD pieces is mostly FOB price. Customers are responsible for booking space. In order to reduce the sales price in the automobile terminal market, customers generally require a high container utilization rate. The packaging standardization of KD pieces in South Korea and Japan is high. According to the model, the container utilization rate can reach 6 ~ 7 sets /container, excluding real-estate parts. 3. The design of packaging shall consider the quality protection of parts and products, space utilization, consistency between packing list and commodity entity, overseas transportation conditions, unpacking operation and production organization, warehousing, handling [wiki] distribution [/wiki]. 4. Overseas governments and customs should find out the laws and regulations of logistics packaging in advance, otherwise we will suffer great losses! Just a brief introduction, welcome to study and discuss!

replying to yangzc07’s post, I wonder if I have ever done CKD for passenger cars. How about the 11m long chassis.


your KD is from that country. Generally speaking, there are a lot of KDS in Japan. They are packed with 60 sets. It is more difficult for Japanese KD to take out the box. After taking out the box, you need to take out the parts all the time as long as the parts are not ordered separately. In this way, you should keep records on the taken out bills. You can’t take out indiscriminately, otherwise it’s very troublesome ~ French KD is more troublesome than Japan, The packaging is not as good as that in Japan ~ there are many problems ~ ~ however, if there is no unpacking, there should be no too many problems according to the original packaging. It should be that the packaging method is generally fixed, corresponding with Excel, which is just careful~

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