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Does varnish contain lead?

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Does varnish contain lead?

unlike paint, varnish contains very little lead and is almost negligible
especially the fully transparent varnish, if it is bonded properly, it will contain less lead.

Yes Within safe limits

what is varnish
varnish, mainly composed of resin and solvent, is a transparent light yellow coating with beautiful luster and easy molding. Now it is widely used in daily life. It is mainly applied on the surface of the object to protect the object. Its drying will not affect the original color of the original object. On the contrary, it can also play a good decorative role for the object
varnish is a kind of coating, which is composed of resin as the main film-forming material and solvent. Its main components are resin and solvent or resin, oil and solvent. Varnish, as the most important kind of paint in home decoration, has the characteristics of transparency, luster, fast film formation and water resistance. However, its disadvantage is that the hardness of the paint film is not high and the heat resistance is poor, which is easy to be affected by ultraviolet rays
varnishes can be divided into oil-based varnishes and tree ester varnishes. Commonly used varnishes are mainly classified as follows:
1. Ester gum varnish: it has bright paint film and good water resistance, but poor dryness and non durable gloss. It is commonly used in metal mask
2. Nitrocellulose varnish: it is made of nitrocellulose, alkyd resin and toughening agent dissolved in ester, alcohol and benzene mixed solvents, with good luster and durability. Used for painting wood and metal surfaces
3. Alkyd varnish: it is made of medium oil alkyd resin dissolved in organic solvent and added with desiccant. It has the advantages of fast drying, high hardness, bright color and heat resistance. However, its film is brittle and has poor atmospheric resistance. It is often used as wood paint
4. Fluorocarbon varnish: room temperature curing two-component fluorocarbon varnish with fluororesin as the main component, which has the advantages of durability and weather resistance. It is suitable for the covering of metals, wood, antiques, etc
of course, there are other varnishes, such as shellac varnish, phenolic varnish, acrylic varnish and so on


is varnish poisonous

is varnish poisonous
paint is a transparent paint without pigment, which always contains toxic chemical elements. It is resin as the main film-forming material, which can be divided into oil-based varnish and resin varnish. The oil-based varnish contains dry oil, such as ester gum varnish, phenolic varnish, alkyd varnish, etc. the resin varnish does not contain dry oil, such as shellac varnish and asphalt varnish. Application: indoor and outdoor metal, furniture surface spraying, etc
varnish is a kind of coating material, which can be used for decoration and protection of various articles. The materials of its products are in line with national standards. It itself is a common coating in family decoration, and its products are obtained through strict quality monitoring. It is a new type of coating for health and environmental protection. Of course, fake varnish may also appear on the market. In this way, it is unknown whether the quality is good and whether it is environmentally friendly. Therefore, when choosing varnish style, we must buy it in regular stores
key points for varnish selection:
1. Look at the packaging: the packaging is rough, the handwriting is fuzzy, the address and batch number are incomplete, and most of them are inferior or counterfeit goods
2. Look at the paint surface: you can look at the paint quality of the paint sample. The high-quality paint has strong adhesion and covering power
3. Weighing: lift up the paint bucket and shake it. If there is a sound of splashing, it indicates that the packaging is seriously insufficient, the weight is less, the viscosity is too low, and the real materials of regular large factories can hardly be heard
4. Choose a brand: it’s best to buy some brand-name paint, because the paint itself is very toxic. If you buy some inferior products, it’s adding poison to poison. Relatively speaking, the quality and environmental protection of brand products will be guaranteed
5. Fixed dosage: when purchasing, you should also make a more accurate estimation of the dosage. When purchasing, you should buy enough at one time to avoid slight color difference of the paint purchased successively
with the improvement of current chemical technology, the harm of varnish has been very low. The harm to human body after volatilization and air drying after construction is almost negligible, but poor quality fake varnish is very harmful to human health, so paint must be purchased from regular paint brand stores.

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