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Small family workshops, fried dry goods (mainly peanuts, shelled or peanuts), need packaging. I don’t know what kind of packaging machine is suitable? How long can the shelf life be reached? How much does it cost? (the best in Guangzhou), thank you

peanut and candy packaging machine – moon cake packaging machine (food packaging machine)
Product data: main purpose: it can be used for the packaging of solid objects such as biscuits, moon cakes, egg yolk pie, rice cakes, ice cream, instant noodles, chocolate, frozen food, drugs and industrial parts

technical parameters: packaging film thickness: 5-60mm
packaging speed: 60-200 bags /min
bag making size: 70-300mm long, 20-120mm wide and 5-60mm high
power supply: 220V /3KW
overall size: 4200mm long, 1500mm wide and 850mm high
weight: 800kg

principle and features: 1. Special adjustable bag making device, which can better adapt to the current variety Multi specification packaging requirements
2. Differential feeding mode enables the machine to conveniently adjust the feeding position during operation. Clock
3. Advanced microcomputer packaging controller and excellent man-machine dialogue mode enable the speed, bag length and tangent position detection to be directly displayed on the interface
4. The sliding cross seal mechanism can adjust the center height of the cross seal arbitrarily up and down
5. The imported color code detector makes the color code detection more accurate. The chequered, straight and vertical seals are optional
6. Variable frequency speed regulation is convenient and simple


first, ordinary packaging machines only need to be sealed, and dry goods only need to be moisture-proof
the second is the vacuum packaging machine. The small one is about 3000 yuan, which is sold in the food machinery sales office
the third is nitrogen filling packaging machine, with a price of about 10000 yuan.

just use a sealing machine and put it in a dry place. The dry goods themselves have a certain storage period, so the shelf life can generally be set to 3 months

Hello, you can search Yongchuang food packaging machine. I hope it will be helpful to you

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 pro, I'm glad to answer for you! Food sealing machine is a commonly used model in the packaging industry. Food sealing machine is a machine for sealing containers filled with packaging materials. After the products are loaded into the packaging containers, in order to seal and preserve the products, maintain product quality and avoid product loss, the packaging containers need to be sealed 

 sealing machines are of the following types: 

 summary of North and South types of food sealing machine 

 Huier Mechanical Technology Specialist 

 food sealing machine is a commonly used model in the packaging industry. Food sealing machine is a machine for sealing containers filled with packaging materials. After products are loaded into packaging containers, in order to seal and preserve products, maintain product quality and avoid product loss, it is necessary to seal packaging containers. According to the different living habits of the north and the south, food sealing machines also have different names. According to the current packaging market, food sealing machines are divided into two categories according to their functions. Let's take a look at it in detail

 I. ordinary food sealing machine 

 the function of this ordinary food sealing machine is relatively simple, that is, it can only carry out simple sealing. For this food sealing machine, it is divided into the following categories according to its different functions

 1. Hot pressing food sealing machine 

1. Plate heat seal 

 this is a common heat sealing method. This heat sealing machine has simple structure principle and fast sealing speed. It is widely used for heat sealing of polyethylene film and polyethylene composite film

2. Roller heat seal 

 this is suitable for the heat sealing of composite films composed of matrix films and heat sealing films

3. Belt heat seal 

 this is to clamp the laminated two layers of films between a pair of rotating polytetraethylene belts, and seal the films through the heating part on the inner side of the belt

4. Sliding rolling heat seal 

 this method can perform continuous heat sealing for films with large thermal deformation

5. Sliding heat seal 

 this heat seal is commonly used in wrapping packaging

6. Pulse heat seal 

 this method is applicable to products requiring high sealing strength and tightness

7. Fusion cutting heat seal 

 this method uses a heating knife to melt, cut and seal the film at the same time

8. Pulse fusion cutting heat seal 

 this packaging method can also complete the melting, cutting and sealing of the film at the same time

9. Melt heat seal 

 this method can make the biaxially oriented polypropylene film with heat shrinkage firm sealing strength

10. High frequency heat seal 

 the temperature of the sealing part of this method is higher than that of the sealing surface, so the film will not overheat and the sealing strength is high

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