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Frozen wild vegetables

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wild vegetables can be frozen and thawed when you want to eat. How can wild vegetables be frozen
clean the collected wild vegetables, soak them in pure water, then take them out and put them into degradable plastic bags, put them directly into the freezing layer of the refrigerator before the water is dry, and then take them out and soak them in cold water before eating. Generally, the method of cryopreservation is: soak the boiled wild vegetables in cold water quickly, and put them into square containers such as lunch boxes. The space of square containers is regular, so as to save space during preservation. After they are placed, pour cold water into them and put them into the freezer for freezing
you should know that there are generally four preservation methods of wild vegetables: salting, drying, vacuum packaging and freezing. Salting: the taste preserved by salting is OK, but the content of salt is high, which is not conducive to health; Sun drying: the taste of sun drying is the least, and the advantage is that the preservation method is simple; Vacuum packaging: vacuum storage is not easy to operate at home. Freezing: among the preservation methods that families can do, the one with the best taste and, of course, the highest cost
wild vegetables can be used as fresh vegetables for raw cold food, fried food, cooking and soup. They can also be used for drying vegetables, making pickles, pickles, etc.

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