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Generally speaking, what is the weight of goods packed in cartons?

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packaging cartons are usually corrugated paper. It depends on the size of your carton. The surface area can only be known if the carton type is lengthened and the width and height are lengthened. Then you need to know how many layers of cartons are used, which corrugated type is used, and the grams per square meter of each layer of paper, plus the amount of glue per square meter. Then you can calculate the weight of the carton by addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, and also calculate the moisture content
the weight of the cartons provided by the carton factory is weighed by weighing. The quality inspection will take several newly produced cartons, weigh them one by one, and then take the average, which is the weight of the cartons
if you are talking about the gross weight and net weight of the carton, the net weight refers to the “actual weight of the product” in the carton, and the gross weight refers to the package after packaging the product plus the total weight of the product
carton (English
carton or hard
case): it is the most widely used packaging product. According to different materials, there are corrugated carton, single-layer carton, etc., with various specifications and models
cartons are commonly used in three or five layers, and seven layers are rarely used. Each layer is divided into inner paper, corrugated paper, core paper and face paper. Inner and face paper include tea board paper and kraft paper, and core paper uses corrugated paper. The color and feel of all kinds of paper are different, and the paper (color and feel) produced by different manufacturers are also different.

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