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Hand made generator

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just use an electric fan. The motor of the household electric fan with a power of about 50W and the blades of the industrial electric fan (with a power of about 2 ~ 300W) can be used to make a wind turbine. The effect is good.

the bracket should be made by yourself. If it can swing, the tail wing for navigation should be made. In this way, it is complete. The outgoing cable should be longer. Even if it is wound around the bracket for more than 10 times, it will not be broken, but the wound wire should be untied every day, However, the electric slip ring can be omitted. The technology is relatively simple. The output end and fixed capacitor help build voltage, and install low-power switch or insurance with overcurrent to prevent generator overload. Such generators also have disadvantages, that is, the frequency changes with the output power, the voltage fluctuation is relatively large, it is easy to burn the bulb, which can be used for rectification and charging. The electric lamp will be changed to DC, and the price will be much more expensive

grid connected operation can solve such problems, but it will also bring new problems. When the wind power is insufficient, the wind turbine generator will become an electric fan and it is easy to burn the motor. It is best to cut off the starting capacitor or change the direction, and the wind blade can be installed in another direction, but the low wind will still consume part of the power. Installing power relay can solve the problem of power reverse transmission, but the system price will rise, and the gain is not worth the loss


note that the generator made in this way has no overspeed protection, which will be more dangerous in windy days.

the motor in the toy car can be used as a generator, but several gears should be combined, and then the LED light can be turned on

go to Baidu app to view

 the first step is to make the coil 

 wrap the fluorescent pen with enameled wire for about 15 turns. Be careful not to wind from both ends of the line, leaving both ends of the outgoing line. Then wrap both ends of the wire around the coil to fix the shape 

 then use the art knife to remove part of the insulating layer at both ends of the wire. Note that the insulating layer at one end can be removed by a whole circle, but the insulating layer at the other end can only be removed by half. In other words, when the coil rotates, it is not energized for half of the time


 lay the battery flat on the desktop and fix it with plasticine 

 fix wire bracket and magnet 

6 more

ordinary AC motors rotate under direct force and can’t generate electricity! Because the coil is not excited
unless your speed is very high, it is to use remanence to generate electricity, and the internal resistance of the coil should be considered
the simplest and practical way is to use the electric vehicle motor, fix the axle, directly drive the wheels and send out three-phase alternating current. You can also install wind blades as wind turbines!! The internal resistance of the battery is very small after rectification, and the internal resistance of the battery is very small
Yang Ming of Jinzhou Baihui Automotive Technology answered

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