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Harm of bagged snacks to human body

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1. Excessive pigment
in order to pursue the “appearance” of small food, some food production units often use excessive synthetic pigments, such as puffed food, candy, etc. However, the risk of synthetic pigment to human body is higher than that of natural pigment. If consumers eat a large amount of food with excessive pigment content for a long time or at one time, it may cause diarrhea and other symptoms, especially great harm to the health and development of children. Natural pigment is safe, but the cost is high, and many enterprises are reluctant to use it
2. Excessive saccharin
in order to improve the sweetness, excessive saccharin may be added to preserves, ice cream, pastries, biscuits and other foods, which will cause gastrointestinal discomfort and liver metabolism problems. After hydrolysis, saccharin sodium will also form cycloethylamine with carcinogenic threat
3. A large amount of trans fatty acids
most pastries, ice cream and biscuits in the market contain “vegetable butter” and “vegetable butter”, which contains a large amount of trans fatty acids. Excessive intake will damage the intelligence of children and harm the heart
4. High salt and sugar
snacks such as preserved plum and dried tofu contain a lot of salt or sugar, which will increase the burden on the kidney and pose a threat to the cardiovascular system. In the European and American markets, foods marked “sugar free” and “salt free” will be more popular
5. Preservatives exceed the standard
food preservatives are natural or synthetic substances added to food to ensure the anti-corrosion needs of food during transportation and storage. For example, excessive intake of benzoic acid, potassium sorbate and nitrite will inhibit bone growth to a certain extent and endanger the health of kidney and liver.

after the improvement of living conditions, adults and children often eat snacks. Some people believe that long-term greedy snacks will cause nutrient deficiency, damage human genetic material, and make the human body lack nutrients such as folic acid, vitamin E, iron and zinc. Some people wrote articles in popular science newspapers: “eating snacks is a bad habit”, “the harm of snacks”, “children don’t eat snacks” and so on. Snacks have become the target of public criticism. Some people hold an objection, saying: “snacks are not harmful food in themselves, and it is unfair to treat snacks as harm.”
with the continuous improvement of production technology, snacks have more and more varieties, higher quality and more popularity, and more and more food factories produce snacks, which shows that snacks are recognized by more and more consumers. Eating some snacks properly can not only enrich and improve our life, but also supplement the lack of nutrition in main and non-staple foods to meet the physiological needs of different people
there have always been different opinions on the advantages and disadvantages of snacks. So what is a snack? In addition to staple food and non-staple food, broadly speaking, others are snacks. Except that three meals a day are meals, it should be said that eating at other times is snacks. Each of us has eaten snacks, even every day. Snacks have a wide range of contents, including cakes, biscuits, candy, preserves, fried goods and even melons and fruits. It can be said that snacks are indispensable in people’s life
are snacks harmful? From the snack itself, it should be harmless, except for human factors, such as unsanitary, pollution or indiscriminate addition of additives, which are harmful to the human body. If eating snacks is harmful, it is because we are greedy or partial to food, or the content of fat and sugar in snacks is too high, which affects the normal eating of three meals and digestion and absorption. Therefore, we should adopt a scientific attitude towards snacks. We should neither vigorously advocate nor prohibit them. We should be timely, moderate and appropriate. That is, choose snacks between meals, with various varieties and control the total number. For example, when you eat fruit, you should also choose the time, variety and quantity; Children’s stomach capacity is small. They can always prepare some cakes and candy to satisfy their hunger, adjust their taste and supplement nutrition
girls are a snack group. Due to their physiological reasons, especially before and after menstruation, they feel inflamed in taste and need strong stimulation such as sour, sweet, salty and spicy preserves; In fact, boys also like to eat some fragrant, crisp and sweet hard shell foods, such as peanuts, walnuts, chestnuts, melon seeds, etc; Adults generally like to eat peanuts and melon seeds, especially in festive festivals or tea parties. The table is always inseparable from fruits, sugar, preserves and so on; Due to the decline of taste buds and tasteless mouth, the elderly also need the stimulation of sweet, sour and salty foods. Fruits are indispensable snacks for people every day, such as apples, bananas, pears and oranges. It is best to eat 1-2 every day
the evaluation of the advantages and disadvantages of snacks is not to advocate and encourage eating more. Human diet is mainly based on three meals. Snacks must not replace staple food. We should pay attention to timely, moderate and appropriate consumption

why not eat more snacks
because what a person eats depends on digestive juice in the gastrointestinal tract. If you eat hard, your stomach and intestines will keep secreting digestive juice, so that your stomach and intestines can’t rest. Over time, the stomach and intestines will be excessively tired, and the digestive capacity will decline, resulting in indigestion
it’s bad to eat too many snacks. A person who works for a long time will form a law, the digestive system can not get rest, disrupt its normal rhythm, cause the decline of digestive function and cause disease. Besides, if you eat too many snacks, you will feel abdominal distension and don’t eat well; In addition, when eating snacks, bacteria can easily enter the interior of the human body. Therefore, it’s better to eat less snacks

don’t eat too many snacks. If you want to eat, pay attention to the following points:
1 Control consumption,
2 Avoid dessert on an empty stomach: eat low calorie snacks, such as jelly, yogurt, fruit or soda biscuits
3. High calorie desserts after meals: high calorie desserts such as cheese cake are better to eat after meals, because they will absorb less calories and are not easy to eat too much when digested with the food fiber in the meal


the eight snacks that move your heart [turn]

jelly is smooth and sweet in your mouth and heart. The glittering and translucent jelly is pure emotion; Different fruits are as colorful as love. Here I recommend Xizhilang jelly to you. It tastes sweet and has more water. It has more than 10 flavors, such as strawberry, apple, fresh orange, mango, litchi, longan and so on. Among them, pomegranate and wild plum are girls’ favorites, thick and sweet

Hua Mei should be an old dating snack. But there are many kinds. Some are too salty and some are too sour. It’s not easy to buy one that suits your taste. At this time, you should choose lover Mei, which is water, not salty, sweet and not greasy. It tastes good enough to make people want to suck their fingers. This is the sweetness of love as honey

marshmallows are not the kind made by street sugar men, but the kind sold in supermarkets that are soft and sticky. This kind of marshmallow is more expensive and tastes different. You can try the long marshmallow called “happy boy”, which won’t be too sweet and greasy

sweet potatoes are dry and chewy. Are you two at odds? Eat dried sweet potatoes. He was badly bitten and bruised, swallowed it in his stomach, and there was a trace of sweetness in his mouth. He was still very good. He had difficulties. You two have a lot to say and you can’t talk about it? Eat dried sweet potatoes. The four eyes are opposite, and the heart should
not be taken care of. The most famous dried sweet potato is Liancheng, Fujian. The dried sweet potato produced there is soft and sweet, characterized by orange red and soft body. There is also lianjiang’s dried sweet potato, which tastes sweet, but it is easy to be greasy and soft, so it won’t make your mouth tired

jiayingzi will not be as sour as plum, nor as sweet and greasy as donkey hide gelatin. It is most suitable for eating when your hands are clean, because you can suck it with flavor (in addition to your own hands, there are…)

If chocolate is not afraid of acne, chocolate is also a good choice. There are advertisements. Take a bite and melt it slowly in your mouth… Well, your eyebrows will turn up when you eat it? Even when I got married, I still remember when I put on bridal makeup. There are many brands of chocolate, including Jinsha, Melissa, Kit Kat, M & M, Nestle chocolate Weihua… There are many, but they are not cheap. I hope you will have cheap chocolate after China’s accession to the WTO. It’s your favorite food to separate from your lover. It’s very romantic…

shaved ice. A large plate of shaved ice, together with fruit and mung beans… It’s cold and sweet. It’s the best enjoyment in summer

mixed candy is the most common snack, but it’s not easy to find one that suits your taste. Swiss sugar is a favorite candy for many people, but try Japanese mixed sugar and you may find something wonderful. Ganle assorted sugar, produced by Sizhou food, has different flavors such as grapes, melons and white chocolate. It’s 1 yuan a bag. No wonder it’s called xiaoxiaole

there are more specific here: snacks and health
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affect appetite
2 affect students’ class
3 affect teachers’ lectures
4 waste their pocket money
5 waste their parents’ RMB
6 because there are preservatives in it, it will affect their health
7 grow tooth decay
8 stimulate small-scale economies, which will lead to the dispersion of funds in the domestic market, and in the long run, the competitiveness of China’s domestic market will decline
9 affect their own lectures
10 if they affect their own lectures for a long time, it will lead to the shrinkage of Chinese talents, This will lead to a shortage of scientific and technological talents in China, which will become an important hidden danger of China’s defeat when the war breaks out

medical experts point out that food, especially cooked food, is often easy to deteriorate after being packaged in plastic bags. After eating such deteriorated food, people are easy to cause food poisoning symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea. In addition, the plastic itself will release harmful gases. Due to the long-term accumulation in the sealed bag, the concentration increases with the increase of sealing time, resulting in varying degrees of pollution of the food in the bag, which has a particularly prominent impact on the healthy development of children.

it is harmful to human body. First, it is whether the packaged bag is qualified. I’m afraid many people don’t know. It is only food grade that is safe. Second, many packaged foods contain preservatives, which are harmful to human body

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