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Hefei Jinpeng carton factory

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Hefei Jinpeng carton factory

carton factory is divided into color printing factory and yellow board carton factory. The machines used in the two carton factories are different
the boxes commonly made by color printing factories are: boxes for tea cups, boxes for electrical appliances, most Baijiu boxes, some food boxes, pesticide boxes, medicine boxes, and other small labels, stickers and other paper products. Br> the process of color printing is as follows:
1. Printing: print the pattern on the cardboard with an offset press. Machine used: offset press, often processed outside. It’s generally expensive. Domestic ones are a lot cheaper. The cheapest ones are only tens of thousands of each color. It’s not recommended
2. Film covering: stick a layer of plastic film on the surface of cardboard to prevent water and brighten it. Machines used: 1) water soluble laminating machine, 2) hot melt laminating machine. Some cartons do not need to be covered with film. It’s also tens of thousands of yuan. Fully automatic ones are expensive. There are more than two or three hundred thousand. Film covering + film breaking integrated machine
3, covering: stick the cardboard on the tile paper to form cardboard. Machines used: 1) glue machine, simple instrument, manual operation, thousands of pieces; 2) semi-automatic overlayer, automatic tile paper feeding, manual paper jam feeding, about 100000, generally less than 100000; 3) full automatic overlayer, more than 200000,
4, die cutting: press the paperboard into the target shape, and then use it for molding. Machines used: 1) flat pressing die-cutting machine (tiger mouth), with different models and different prices. The general models are less than 50000. 2) Circular die-cutting machine, fifty or sixty thousand bar, 3) semi-automatic flat die-cutting machine, about 200000, a lot worse, but it is fast and safe
5. Molding: process Cartons, nailed boxes, or glued boxes into finished products. 1) Box nailing machine, thousands of pieces, 2) box gluing machine. Different models have different prices, generally tens of thousands of yuan, ordinary more than 10000 yuan. 3) Manual box gluing, 4) automatic box gluing machine,

yellow board carton processing is relatively simple
1: paperboard opening: generally, the paperboard is ordered directly in the large line factory, and the machine used is the paperboard production line. We need sites and funds. An ordinary line is 1.8 million, which is generally not recommended by class III factories
2: printing slotting: print the required pattern on the machine, and press the line, slotting and corner cutting. Machines used: ink printing slotting machine, cheap and expensive, with a difference of more than N. generally, the investment is about 100000. If you want to speed up, you need a full-automatic ink printing machine
3. Molding: process cartons into finished products. 1) Box nailing machine 2) box gluing machine 3) manual box gluing machine

there are other general machines, such as paper feeder, quadruple slotting and corner cutting machine, baler, box pasting machine, film breaking machine, grid blocking machine, dividing press, thin knife machine, etc


you can contact me and Baidu Hefei Tianyu printing machinery will answer for you. Hope to adopt it.

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