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How about Guangzhou Mingyuan Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd?

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Introduction: I Overview of Guangzhou Mingyuan Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.: & nbsp& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Guangzhou Mingyuan Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., located in Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, is a general taxpayer enterprise recognized by the State Administration of Taxation and other departments& nbsp; & nbsp; Main production and operation: ① customized automatic packaging line; ② Packaging machinery; ③ Plastic packaging materials. Set production, sales and related after-sales service in one. The leadership of the company has many years of industry experience. Through continuous research and innovation, it has formed a perfect service system for R & D, production, distribution, sales, maintenance, feedback and improvement, and is in a leading position in the Pearl River Delta, especially Guangfo& nbsp; & nbsp; There are three categories of products: & nbsp& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; (1) Customized automatic packaging line, all kinds of packaging machinery. According to the packaging needs of customers, put forward packaging solutions that absolutely reduce the packaging cost. Whether it is packaging machinery, power roller, mechanical bow, or power motor, we can customize according to customer needs! In order to reduce the packaging cost of customers and greatly improve the packaging efficiency. Our slogan is: “don’t save money!”& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; (2) Packaging equipment: full automatic packer, semi-automatic packer, high platform packer, low platform packer, body fitting machine, sealing machine, shrinking machine, blister machine, automatic winding machine, sealing machine, pneumatic packer, imported electric packer (portable) Etc. & nbsp& nbsp; & nbsp; (3) Plastic packaging materials: full automatic packaging belt, semi-automatic packaging belt, sealing glue, printing sealing glue, body fitting film, stretching film, woven bag, environmental protection packaging belt, pet plastic steel belt, customized various packaging belts, PE Po Plastic bags Etc& nbsp; & nbsp; We have our own packaging belt production line, which mainly produces all kinds of PP packaging belt and 3000 meter long environmental protection packaging belt. Since its establishment, technology has made breakthroughs and has been at the leading level in the market. Among them, the environmental protection packing belt of 3000m /roll is particularly prominent. This product has the advantages of large tension, no broken end, strong adhesion and less wear on the packer. Moreover, the cost per meter is more advantageous than other packing belts in the market, and the color is beautiful. It is a very ideal packing material& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; II Famous purpose: & nbsp; Since its establishment, “Mingyuan packaging” has been committed to pushing innovative high-tech and high-performance products to customers, meeting customers’ diversified needs, aiming at improving customer satisfaction, reducing comprehensive costs for customers, improving customers’ competitiveness in the industry and developing together with customers& nbsp; & nbsp; III Service Name: & nbsp& nbsp; & nbsp; We have perfect distribution system and professional equipment maintenance team, which can quickly and effectively respond to the needs of customers& nbsp; & nbsp; IV It has two independent brands, a number of patent advantages, moderate price and good market response& nbsp; & nbsp; Mingyuan is committed to developing its own brand, paying special attention to product quality, aesthetics and user experience. Coupled with low prices, it has won a large number of loyal users and high-quality dealers. It has a high reputation in South China, especially in the Pearl River Delta& nbsp; & nbsp; At the same time, dealers and agents from all over the world are welcome to visit and investigate, test products and join in cooperation
legal representative: Zou Feng
date of establishment: December 9, 2011
registered capital: 1 million yuan
Industrial and commercial registration number:
enterprise type: limited liability company (invested or controlled by natural person)
Company Address: Floor 2, shop A2, No. 320 zengcha Road, Songzhou street, Baiyun District, Guangzhou

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