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How about the sales position of Nanjing Hengchang Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd? What is the basic salary and commission?

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Sales depends more on your own sales ability, and the Commission is probably the same. Therefore, you should work hard on your own sales ability and sales technology. I recommend you to look at the five element Sales Bible, which is completely different from the sales skills on the market. The five element Sales Bible talks about sales technology

to ensure that you earn enough income every day and achieve your sales goals. You have to know what you need to do? Gradually, slowly, you can. Accurately predict your sales target results. In order to reach your sales target, you know how many customers you need to meet. Those customers tell you the truth, those customers really help you, and those customers can take down your approval. In the end, you know more and more clearly what to say and do when selling? Gradually, you can also detect the customer’s thoughts in advance, why the customer chooses one way or another, and the customer’s response. Customers’ concerns. then. You will eliminate their concerns before they affect sales performance. The details of the whole process seem to have been slowed down. Once you become a professional salesperson, you master the first item. Knowing the customer and mastering the customer is the final prediction. When you learn this skill, success is just around the corner. It will no longer be the technology you worry about not achieving performance all day. With this technology, you will have more and more confidence. You can imagine how happy you are with confidence in your heart
be able to predict customers’ psychological thoughts. It is a potential intangible asset for professionals. Although you have never heard people talk about it, it must exist. Observe the great athletes and you will find that they often talk about a phenomenon. During the game, they can predict the future trend of sports. For example, Jordan can analyze and predict the trend and outcome of the game, and record the whole prediction process
How can I learn this technology? first. You must first master and understand people’s character, and often visit customers with an objective attitude to analyze and observe customers. last. Write down the people and things you observe. After about a year, you can slowly understand the problems and obstacles affecting the whole sales process. The ability to predict comes from your ability to accurately judge the progress of things. And very confident that they can control the trend of things. You must keep up your spirits and observe carefully. Write down all your experiences, and then. You will find a universal law. I excerpt so much, no matter how much you search online,

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