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How about Wuhan Tianli Packaging Co., Ltd?

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Introduction: Wuhan Tianli Packaging Co., Ltd., founded in 1993, is located in Hanzheng Street Urban Industrial Park, Qiaokou District, Wuhan, with developed economy and convenient transportation. It covers an area of 12673 square meters. It is a professional manufacturer specializing in all kinds of plastic flexible packaging products. It has advanced production equipment and a group of senior technicians. The company adheres to the business philosophy of “thousands of packaging and sincere letter”, With the purpose of “mutual cooperation, mutual benefit and common development”, we establish a stable cooperative relationship with customers. The main business scope of Wuhan Tianli Packaging Co., Ltd. includes various types of plastic bags used in food, chemical, pharmaceutical, electronics and other industries. Such as color printing multi-layer composite eight side seal, middle seal, three side seal, four side seal, sheet material, bottle paste, etc., food bag, anti-static bag, vacuum nylon bag, cooking bag, food film, aluminum foil bag, shampoo bag, bone zipper bag, self-supporting zipper bag, composite card head bag, PE /PP /PO plastic bag, PP /PE sheet packaging bag
legal representative: Meng Hanchi
date of establishment: June 25, 1993
registered capital: 20 million yuan
Industrial and commercial registration number:
enterprise type: limited liability company (sole proprietorship of natural person)
Company Address: Changsheng street, Qiaokou District

Wuhan Tianli Packaging Co., Ltd. is a limited liability company (wholly owned by natural persons) registered and established in Qiaokou District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province on June 25, 1993. Its registered address is located in Changsheng street, Qiaokou District

the unified social credit code /registration number of Wuhan Tianli Packaging Co., Ltd. is Meng Hanchi, an enterprise legal person. At present, the enterprise is in business

the business scope of Wuhan Tianli Packaging Co., Ltd. is: plastic color printing packaging bags, composite packaging bags, paper plastic packaging bags, carton packaging processing and packaging design (projects with special national regulations can be operated only after approval or with a valid license); Import and export of goods (excluding the import and export of goods restricted or prohibited by the state).; Printing of packaging and decoration printed materials and printing of other printed materials (the validity period is consistent with the issuance date of the business license). In Hubei Province, the total registered capital of companies with similar business scope is 1911.66 million yuan, and the main capital is concentrated in 536 enterprises with a scale of 1-10 million and 10-50 million. Within the province, the current registered capital of enterprises is good


check more information and information of Wuhan Tianli Packaging Co., Ltd. through Baidu enterprise credit

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