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How are stars packaged? Why is it so effective?

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when it comes to stars, their bright side suddenly comes into our mind. There is no shortage of beautiful and handsome men in the entertainment industry. They not only have high looks, but also have a good figure. They are always so beautiful and handsome in front of the audience. How are stars packaged

First: no matter what activities they participate in, the team behind them will plan all for them, including dress, make-up and process, which are taken care of by the team. Of course, this is just a normal packaging


Second: in order to quickly improve fame, we do not rule out the possibility of speculation, such as event planning, planning entertainment events, increasing media exposure, accelerate the speed of star fame. Even some strange news will be made, which will enter the hot search at once, and fame will come up at once

Third: Star publicity, which is easier to understand. Stars are packaged in an all-round way by means of Star TV interview, media cover shooting, comment manuscript and so on as long as you are on the camera and appear in other people’s topics, you can increase the exposure. The more people know, the greater the fame. Therefore, stars always have to participate in more activities, which can be regarded as communication activities in the entertainment industry, so as to increase exposure and get to know more people

Fourth: no matter how the packaging is, in addition to the appearance value, the star also has acting skills and performance ability. It is difficult for a star without technology to get popular. It is difficult to get a foothold only by the appearance value, because the most important thing in the entertainment industry is the appearance value

finally, there are many ways of Star packaging, including normal packaging and abnormal packaging. For example, deliberate speculation is abnormal packaging. No matter what type of packaging, it is to increase exposure

when people pursue stars, they often encounter some bad things, that is, the star’s “personal design collapse”. Once the personal design collapses, the reputation may be damaged. With the passage of time, it will be washed away slowly, and the reputation will be ruined. There will be no chance to make a comeback. Finally, they quit the entertainment circle and no one will remember you. Therefore, the packaging is also very risky, You can either persevere in implementing this human design, or don’t easily set up human design for yourself

nowadays, many common packaging routines constantly emphasize this feature of stars. For example, the popular “food” human design some time ago. My God, all female stars seem to have become the representative of “not fat” overnight. Although this human design is very common, it is gratifying. Which young girls nowadays don’t want the constitution of “crazy eating and not fat”, “I’m capricious, I eat a lot, I’m not fat”, it’s the highest pursuit of life. For another example, many male artists like to create “good men” for themselves. They love family, wife and children. Such people are indeed popular and sought after by the public. However, once they collapse, what will be the consequences? Are there few such typical representatives in the entertainment industry? I don’t have my real name. I’m afraid of being killed by my fans.

the packaging of stars is the behind the scenes behavior of the company, which is a kind of business operation. Generally, there are certain routines, such as limiting the activities of stars and avoiding gossip; Publicity and momentum, so that stars can participate in charity activities and attend corresponding charity parties.

stars are specially planned and packaged by the team of brokerage companies. They are professional image packaging planners. Of course, the effect is great.

the packaging of stars is generally a combination of brand packaging, topic packaging and gossip packaging. Because the team hypes and builds momentum in the early stage, the effect is so good.

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