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How can we improve the efficiency of mold changing of injection molding machine

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Qianhao’s rapid die change technology is divided into the following steps: & nbsp

1) identification setting time

& nbsp& nbsp; First, with the permission of the die maker, follow the die maker to record the normal die change process and allow it to have problems in the process


2) separate internal settings from external settings

& nbsp& nbsp; Record the whole process in the form of documents, watch the videotape of the mold change process with the whole team, and identify all elements in the setting process and the time spent by each element. According to the time characteristics of the mold change operation, the elements in the setting process are classified into internal settings (tasks that can be completed only when the machine is stopped) and external settings (tasks that can be completed when the machine is running), and eliminate Reduce or convert internal settings to external settings while reducing external time& nbsp;

3) convert internal settings to external settings

& nbsp& nbsp; In order that the internal setting operation can also be completed when the machine runs other batches of workpieces, the internal setting time converted to external setting is as follows: obtain and review the instructions of the next work order; Take out the required mold from the mold library; Return the mold in the previous work order to the mold warehouse; Arrange the required driving to the appropriate position; When there are idle molds, the number of switching bits or maintenance molds shall be switched from one molder to the required number of bits the day before the planned production; Record die change data; Return tools, information and materials; Adjust fixture or tool. After several weeks of operation and little cost, the die change time can be reduced by 10% – 20%& nbsp;& nbsp;

4) operation method improvement

& nbsp& nbsp; Although we have realized the transformation of some internal settings into external operations when the machine runs other batches of workpieces, the operation method of internal settings continues the old method. Through the analysis, it is found that there are many obvious redundant actions. Eliminating the waste of actions and realizing automation can reduce the total conversion time, and achieve amazing results in reducing the die change time

& nbsp; Lean production is based on automation and just in time production. We set about tool automation for mold change. There are five steps of tool automation as follows:

& nbsp& nbsp; (1) Tool Standardization: identify non-standard tools and standard tools and put them in an accessible place

& nbsp; (2) Choose automation: operation, mold, accessories, etc. can be carried out regularly without consideration, search and selection

& nbsp; (3) Mold maintenance automation: the mold cleaning and maintenance work carried out by the mold worker is transferred to small equipment such as electric ultrasonic cleaner

& nbsp; (4) Determine the position: determine the use position of molds and small equipment

& nbsp; (5) Position restoration: after the operation is completed, the mold and small equipment return to the original position

this data is from Baidu map, and the final result is subject to the latest data of Baidu map

Hunan Qianhao Electromechanical Technology Development Co., Ltd.

address: No. 22, qikang Road

I’ll tell you to consider the rapid die change system. The fixed die and moving die are electromagnetic without code die clamp.

the electric permanent magnet fast mold changing system is a domestic brand of Zhuzhou humway magnetoelectric technology, with service guarantee and brand technology guarantee

the electric hoist is used to hang the formwork. Don’t know where the whole hand is, or you’ll be tired to death

the rapid mold change system of injection molding machine is installed, and the federal precision machinery

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