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How do couriers promote degradable and reusable packaging materials?

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it is reported that while enjoying the convenience brought by express delivery, we should also consider “reducing the burden” on packages and reducing pollution. At present, plastic tape and roller tape have a great impact on environmental protection. The new regulations of express encourage the use of degradable and reusable materials

it is reported that the regulations stipulate that the State encourages enterprises and senders engaged in express delivery business to use degradable and reusable environmental protection packaging materials, and encourages enterprises engaged in express delivery business to take measures to recycle express packaging materials, so as to realize the reduction and reuse of packaging materials

at present, express delivery enterprises have begun to take action. Some vigorously promote recyclable environmental protection cloth bags to replace the commonly used woven bags, and some enterprises have launched recyclable shared express boxes. In the future, more green packaging methods will continue to appear


analysts said that the regulations clarify the responsibilities of the government and enterprises in the field of express delivery and clearly delineate the boundary between the government and the market, which will provide good institutional support for China to build a global express network and a global logistics operation and supply chain service system

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