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How does wechat marketing package its products and circle of friends

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Hello! I’m glad to answer for you. 1 don’t distract yourself from making multiple numbers. Service number? Enterprise number? Personal number? Many enterprises have registered many, but they have not done well. If it is a medium-sized enterprise, it is the best choice to make a service number. The subscription number is more difficult than the service number. Not everyone can use the subscription number to do self media. Choose according to your own business and strength
2 the potential of personal ID can not be ignored. The way of playing in the circle of friends is not only selling goods, but also playing by individuals. Enterprises can also make personal numbers and circles of friends. For products with high customer unit price, products that need trust and products with high return rate, you can actually make a personal number. Many times, friends circle is more influential than the official account. Br> 3 for enterprises that are just starting to do wechat, complex data reports are of little significance. Pay attention to the interaction and the number of fans. The number of fans in the early stage is more important. Without fans, the cost performance is too low! Find ways to turn old customers into wechat friends and focus on fans
4 how to break through the number limit. There is a simple way to increase each number to about 4000 people, then open the second number, copy the avatar and nickname, and then synchronize the content of the circle of friends. This can form a matrix. Each time you send a circle of friends, you can synchronize multiple numbers together
5 once in a while, there is an interactive copywriting, but the lively comments and likes may not be seen by others (only those who have added friends to each other). What should I do? When replying to someone’s comments, please don’t @ him, but directly click the comments under your post to reply, so that others can see it
6 if no one interacts with you and it seems too cold, you can also pretend that someone commented on you and leave a few comments by yourself. For example, even if there is no reply, you can reply in this way: Thank you for your enthusiastic support and tears! In this way, people think there are really many replies, and they will feel very lively when they see it
7 a similar method can also be used to Advertise yourself. For example, if you send an interesting product, you want to let everyone know how to buy it, but there are many likes, and there is no one who asks for the purchase address. You can’t say it directly. You can reply in a unified way: there are too many people asking me how to buy it. I’ll tell you in a unified way This reminds those people to buy without being abrupt
8 pay attention to the first 13 words in the title of wechat articles. These 13 words will directly affect the opening rate of articles. Try to write as eye-catching as possible. Why the first 13 words? Because you can only see 13 words when reminded by wechat (some mobile phones are more)
9 the opening rate of wechat articles depends on the article title, followed by the article summary, followed by the first picture. The title accounts for 50% and the other two account for 50%. If the three do not cooperate well, the content of the article will be greatly affected
10 sometimes you can add some auxiliary emotional explanations to the title of wechat articles. Just look at the second half of the title of my article. Similar to “this video was forwarded by 40 million people”, “CCTV has been exposed!”, However, this method is a little low, and it is not recommended to use it more
11 for a single graphic article, you must write a summary well. The quality of the summary will determine the opening rate of the article. Those articles that most despise the default summary are too wasteful and irresponsible
there are several popular ways to write the abstract of a single graphic article. For example: choose two sentences with philosophy in the article; Quote a powerful point in the article; Use interrogative sentences to arouse everyone’s interest; Your own exaggerated judgment. For example, once I sent an article, the summary is: if you understand this article, your troubles will be reduced by 90%
13 it is very important to attach pictures to an article. If the article is too long, there should be multiple pictures. Now the problem of mobile phone traffic is not a problem. Don’t worry about multiple pictures. There is a trick. If you don’t know what map to match, you can match the landscape map directly. Everyone won’t feel uncomfortable
14 If the circle of friends sends links, they must send short links. Too long links affect beauty and make people have no desire to click. The way to generate short links is to post the links on Tencent Weibo once, and then automatically generate short links and copy them. Sina Weibo or generated links can be short, of course.

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