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How high temperature should the heat shrinkable packaging machine be adjusted?

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there is no fixed temperature, which is generally determined according to factors such as the speed of on-site packaging and the thickness of the film.

I just learned from the packaging knowledge on the website of Fengxing packaging machinery factory that the temperature displayed by the machines of each factory varies greatly due to the different installation positions of sensors. It is recommended to debug directly on site, and the best effect is better. Theoretically, the shrinkage temperature of PVC is about 130-160 ℃, and that of PE heat shrinkable film is about 140-170. Some manufacturers’ thermocouples are installed in different positions. For the same shrinkage film, the temperature control meter shows 200 ° and the shrinkage is not good. Some temperature control meters show 100 ° and the shrinkage effect is already very good. In addition, for the same packaging machine, due to the different quality of shrinkage film, there will also be a large deviation of heat shrinkage temperature. You can also go to that website and call them if you don’t know. This is a manufacturing enterprise. Chengxintong has been an old member for 10 years. I feel that their staff are very enthusiastic.

the required temperature is determined according to the thickness of the material, and the manual should have relevant technical indicators.

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