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How many kilometers from Ruian to Taizhou

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How many kilometers from Ruian to Taizhou

this data is from Baidu map, and the final result is subject to the latest data of Baidu map


driving route: the whole journey is about 161.0km

starting point: Wenzhou Ruian Taoshan seedling green

1. Wenzhou City driving scheme

1) start from the starting point to the due south, drive along middle Taoshan road for 10 meters, go straight to South Taoshan road

2) drive along South Taoshan road for 190 meters, turn left to Taonan Street

3) drive 440 meters along South Taonan street, turn left to middle TaoMa road

4) drive 500 meters along middle TaoMa Road, enter North TaoMa road

5) drive 470 meters along North TaoMa Road, turn right to Ruifeng line

6) drive 19.9 kilometers along Ruifeng line, Turn right slightly towards G15 /Hongqiao North Road and get on the ramp

7) drive 630m along the ramp, turn right slightly towards Ningbo /Wenzhou and enter Ruian interchange

2 Drive 290 meters along Ruian interchange and go straight into Shenhai Expressway

3 Drive 113.1km along Shenhai expressway, at the exit of Taizhou South /Luqiao, turn right slightly and get on the ramp

4 Drive 660 meters along the ramp towards Jiaojiang /Huangyan /road and bridge, turn right and enter yuanao line

5 Driving plan in Taizhou City

1) drive 510 meters along yuanao line and enter Luyuan class I Highway directly

2) drive 7.1 kilometers along Luyuan class I Highway towards Luqiao airport, turn left to enter fufu Avenue

3) drive 3.4 kilometers along fufu Avenue, turn right to enter xiluqiao Avenue

4) drive 1.4 kilometers along xiluqiao Avenue, pass about 260 meters through Luqiao power building on the right, and then move towards Tengda road, Turn left to enter Shanshan road

5) drive 150m along Shanshan Road, after passing about 120m of Deyi electric appliance on the right, go straight to Lingshan Street

6) drive 2.9km along Lingshan street, turn slightly left to enter Central Avenue

7) drive 7.4km along Central Avenue, after passing about 300m of Tailong Jinrong building on the left, turn right to enter Shifu Avenue

8) drive 340m along Shifu Avenue, after passing about 200m of the first time life square on the right, Enter the middle square road

9) drive 160 meters along the middle square road, turn right into Xianghe road

10) drive 150 meters along Xianghe Road, turn right

11) drive 200 meters, and reach the end point (on the left side of the road)

end point: Taizhou City

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