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How many kinds of origami boxes are there

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, carton Classification & nbsp

and cartons have a wide variety of types and classification methods& nbsp;

& nbsp

the most common classification is based on the
ridge shape of


there are four types of corrugated: A-shaped, B-shaped, C-shaped and E-shaped& nbsp;

generally speaking, cartons used for outer packaging mainly adopt a, B and C-shaped
; B and E-shaped corrugated are adopted for the medium package; E-bar
is often used for small packaging& nbsp;

when producing and manufacturing
, they are generally distinguished according to the box type of cartons& nbsp;

the international carton type standard jointly formulated by the European
manufacturers’ Federation (FEFCO) and the Swiss paperboard Association (assco) is widely used internationally. This standard is approved by the international
Association and is used internationally& nbsp;

according to the international carton type standard, the carton structure can be divided into two categories: basic type and combined type& nbsp;

basic type is the basic box type. It can be found in the standard. It is generally represented by four digits. The first two digits represent the box type, and the last two digits represent different carton styles in the same box type. For example: 02 indicates slotted carton; 03 means nested carton, etc. The combined type is the combination of the basic type, that is, it is composed of more than two basic box types, which are represented by multiple groups of four digit numbers or codes. For example, the upper swing cover of a carton can be type 0204 and the lower swing cover can be type 0215& nbsp;

China’s national standard gb6543-86 refers to the international box type standard series and specifies the
box and
basic box type. The box type codes are shown in the table below& nbsp;

however, in the late 1980s, with the changes of
and market sales form, a number of non-standard
boxes with novel structure emerged, and with the birth of each new structure, there was almost a set of corresponding fully automatic packaging system or
world, which greatly enriched the application market of cartons& nbsp;

these new non-standard cartons mainly include wrapped cartons, separated cartons, three
cartons and large cartons& nbsp;

carton Classification & nbsp

compared with cartons, the styles of cartons are more complex and diverse. Although it can be classified according to the material, purpose and purpose, the most commonly used method is to distinguish according to the processing mode of cartons. It is generally divided into folding carton and pasting carton& nbsp; and so on& nbsp;

design features of cartons & nbsp

international standard cartons have formed a complete system and specifications. Manufacturers only need to select and process according to the standards. The emergence of various novel non-standard cartons implies a change in
carton industry& nbsp;

wrapped carton & nbsp

the wrapped
carton is somewhat similar to the 0210 carton. The difference is that the corrugated direction of the 0210 carton is parallel to the width of the blank paperboard, while the corrugated direction of the wrapped carton is parallel to the length of the paperboard; The 0210 carton joint is connected to the main carton surface, while the wrapped carton is connected to the side carton surface; The inner and outer swing cover
line of 0210 box is in a straight line, while the wrapped box is different& nbsp;

in use, it is not like the 0210 carton. After
completing the whole process of making the carton and filling the contents into the carton after arriving at the user’s factory, it only gives the die-cut carton blank to the packaging user, who uses
to put the contents on it and then wrap it into a carton& nbsp;

compared with
, the wrapped carton is characterized by less materials. The carton is closely attached to the contents, which can realize high-speed automation& nbsp;

separate carton & nbsp

separate cartons can be divided into two or more in the circulation process, which mainly solves the contradiction between mass production and small batch sales& nbsp;

on the basis of the traditional
type, the small box type can be combined with various auxiliary materials, or a new forming method can be adopted& nbsp;

the new type of separated carton generally adopts the combination of H-type
and wrapped carton& nbsp;

there are two types of n-type and F-type wrapping carton. Type F is more popular. It is mainly used for
and hair conditioner, as well as
packaging of condiments& nbsp;

the F-type wrapping carton can decompose the original 20 bottle packing into two 10 bottle packing. The packaging
is also improved, the cost of
is reduced, and has good promotion function& nbsp;

triple carton & nbsp


carton is formed by one sheet of box and corner lining. The four
of corrugated carton form triangular column or right angle column structure, so as to increase
by 20% – 50%& nbsp;

there are two types of triangular column cartons: tray type and sealed type, and there are a variety of box types to choose from. Compared with ordinary corrugated boxes, triangular column corrugated boxes can be increased by 20% – 30% under
and 40% – 60% under high humidity; The box will not bulge, especially in wet state; In terms of structure,
part is relatively solid, so the damage rate of internal contents is very low during drop impact and vibration; When the load is applied, the deformation of the carton is stable, which is not easy to cause
collapse; Tray type triangular column corrugated box has good sales display& nbsp;

design features of folding carton & nbsp

folding cartons are generally made of folding resistant cardboard with a thickness of 0.3-1.1mm. They can be folded flat
for transportation and storage before shipping goods. There are enough long fibers on both sides of the folding board to produce the necessary folding resistance and enough
, so that it will not crack along the
after folding& nbsp;

the main varieties of folding resistant paperboard include
, box paperboard,
board, double-sided different color paperboard,
board, etc. The folding carton made of paperboard less than 0.3mm in thickness can not meet the requirements, while the paperboard thicker than 1.1mm is difficult to obtain satisfactory
on general folding carton processing equipment& nbsp;

during the design of folding carton, the paperboard with appropriate thickness can be selected according to the carton volume and the weight of the contents. According to the forming method, folding cartons are mainly divided into tube type, disc type, tube disc type and non tube non disc type. In addition, the folding carton also includes local structural forms such as box cover, box bottom, box surface, box corner, etc., including lock mouth,
, partition wall, window opening, display board, etc. However, folding cartons are often named according to the characteristic structure. The characteristic structure can be
or local structure. For example,
bottom carton,
is tubular, while the characteristic structure is local structu
re, that is,
box bottom, so it has its name. Another example is the disc self folding carton, which has two characteristic structures: one is that the local structure is that the side wall of the box plate can be folded automatically, and the other is that the main structure is disc& nbsp;

tubular folding carton & nbsp

tubular folding carton is one of the main types of folding carton. Its original meaning refers to the box surface where the box cover of this kind of carton is located, which is the smallest of many box surfaces, such as toothpaste box, film box, etc. However, now it is generally defined from the forming characteristics: it refers to the carton whose cover and bottom need to be folded, assembled, fixed or sealed during the carton forming process. Different tubular folding cartons are mainly subdivided by different structures of box cover and box bottom. There are many kinds of box cover structures. For example, the plug-in box cover has the function of resealing, and can package family
, toys, pharmaceuticals, etc; The lock mouth structure is that the lock head or lock head group of the main swing wing is inserted into the
of the relative swing wing. It is characterized by firm sealing, but it is a little inconvenient to open. Similar to the plug-in lock type; The continuous swing wing recessed type is a special form of lock mouth, which can be folded to form a beautiful pattern with strong decoration. It can be used for
, but the disadvantage is that it is troublesome to assemble manually; Adhesive sealing type box cover is to bond the four swing wings of the box cover to each other. The box cover has good sealing performance, is suitable for high speed
, is easy to open and is widely used; The positive press sealing structure is to make crease or arc indentation on the carton body, and press the pressing wing to realize sealing by using the strength and stiffness of the paperboard. It is characterized by simple packaging operation, saving paperboard, and can design many carton shapes
, but it is only limited to small and light goods; In addition, there are swing cover type and anti illegal opening type and so on& nbsp;

similar to the box cover, there are many kinds of box bottom cover. However, if the structure of the box bottom is too complex, it will affect the efficiency of the automatic loader and
, and manual assembly will take time. Therefore, for the folding carton, the design principle of the box bottom is to ensure both strength and simplicity. Common box bottoms mainly include socket
type, continuous swing wing recessed type, bottom locking type, automatic bottom locking type, partition wall
type, partition wall self-locking type, adhesive
type and positive press back sealing type& nbsp;

disc folding carton & nbsp

the disc folding carton is a main box type folded at right angles or oblique angles around a sheet of cardboard. Sometimes it is locked or bonded at
. If necessary, a single board of this box type can extend to form a box cover. Different from the tubular folding carton, this kind of carton has almost no structural change on the bottom of the box, and the main structural change is in the position of the box body. Disc folding carton is mainly suitable for packaging shoes and hats, clothing, food and gifts& nbsp;

the disc folding carton is generally assembled by a variety of locking structures, or the flap connecting the side plate and the end plate is divided into two parts in the form of bisection angle, which are bonded with each other. The locking methods include: the side plate and the end plate are locked, the side plate and the locking flap are locked, the locking flap and the locking flap are locked, the central cuts of the two cover plates are locked with each other,
are locked with the inner side plate flap, the inner side plate and the inner end plate, and the cover plate is inserted into the flap and locked with the front plate& nbsp;

the cover structure of disc folding carton is generally divided into cover type, swing cover type, plug-in type, positive press sealing type and drawer cover type& nbsp;

the cover type box body and the box cover are two independent disc structures. The length and width of the box cover are slightly larger than the box body. It is mostly used in the packaging of clothing, shoes and hats. If necessary, the paper box
and strength can be improved by folding
and bonding, which is suitable for packaging heavier goods. According to the
of the box body, the cover box can be divided into three types
: sky cover ground type, cap cover type and counterpart cover type. The plug-in type is similar to the continuous swing wing recessed box cover in the tubular folding box. The drawer type box cover is tube shaped, while the box body is disc shaped, and the box cover and box body are two independent structures& nbsp;

tube tray and non tube tray folding cartons & nbsp

the tube disc folding carton is a part of the box body of the disc box, which is formed by the rotating forming method of the tube box at the characteristic part of the box type. Because the characteristics of tube disc folding carton are local, it should belong to disc carton in a strict sense. In fact, its tubular box plate extends and evolves on the basis of the end plate flap or side plate flap of the disc box& nbsp;

non tube non disc folding carton

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