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How much does it cost to work as a small plastic bag processing factory

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the machines used to make plastic packaged food bags are film blowing machines and bag making machines. If you print words and patterns, add a printing press. Prices vary from more than 60000 to more than 100000. Only a small processing factory can be selected!!!! (you need to have other processing plants near you, and you must be able to make profits through one-stop service)
most of the raw materials are purchased nearby, and we will teach you about technology. There are also many bags made near us. You can come and have a look (qianfuya packaging) VXG

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 Hello ~ the equipment for making plastic bags generally includes film blowing machine, bag making machine and color printing machine. The film blowing machine is about 30000. There are many grades of bag making machine and color printing machine, and the price gap is too large. It's hard to say. It depends on your specific requirements. In addition, if you want to buy plastic particles, they are raw materials, which will occupy a lot of money. Normally, the capital for running a plastic factory cannot be less than 100000

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I want to ask how much it costs to make food bags

how much is the one-stop equipment for small plastic bags

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