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How much is the color box printing? How to calculate the price of color box?

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first, let’s understand the composition of color box printing cost: material cost + labor cost + management cost + profit
1. Material cost: there are good and bad materials. Of course, in order to win the price advantage, many suppliers will use poor materials. As a conscientious packaging factory, huizhimei will use good materials and environmentally friendly materials. Because poor materials are not only environmentally friendly, but also have peculiar smell (how to eliminate the smell in the printing of tea packaging box). After all, life is the most important

II. Management cost: in every place, whether people’s house rent, water and electricity, management salary and management system are sound or not directly affects the management cost. For example, a factory producing packaging box printing has perfect woodworking department, power department, painting department, assembly department, quality department, model department, engineering department and other departments. Each department needs a manager. However, a small factory can save a lot of management cost, This is a factor that directly affects the cost

III. labor cost: different wages of workers in different places will lead to different labor costs. The number of processes, labor and days required for the printing and production of a packing box are important factors affecting the labor cost. Here I would like to say that there must be more labor used in the printing of high-quality packaging boxes

profit: the principle of small profit but quick turnover is advocated here (of course, the profit is gross profit). The more quantity, the more price advantage


to sum up, the cost of color box printing is mainly affected by the above factors. Because the printing style, style, shape and technology of gift box and packing box are different, the price is not fixed, which is determined according to the size, materials, technology and quantity.

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 color box unit price = surface paper cost + pit cost + film fee + PS plate fee + printing fee + surface treatment fee + rolling worker + mounting worker + knife die + paste worker + 1.5% loss + tax + profit paper specification: standard gauge 787 x 1092 and large gauge 889 x 1194 cm printing unit price * (ordinary color + gold) * large edition * box rolling fee for 1000 sheets (for other machines, 1000 sheets as the base) box pasting fee: a ­: The length of the paste * 0.0024 is the unit price of the paste box. B: the lowest price of the paste workers who connect two pieces together is 0.18, and the highest is 0.28. Printing pricing process: paper fee (including loss) + printing fee + post-processing fee + packaging fee + freight = expenses required for printing (Note: in addition, if there are special expenses, they will be calculated separately. For example, film output, etc.) common paper opening: full opening = 2 folios = 3 folios = 4 folios = 8 folios = 16 folios. Pricing formula (1) Weight (Law): large paper 0.531 weight positive paper 0.43 weight (2) Calculation method: weight (Law) × Order number × Ton price (thousand yuan /ton) × Grams = total amount of paper (3) orders: quantity ÷ opening ÷ 500 sheets (international standard 500 sheets /order) paper price: weight (Law) × Order number × (

 Hello, paper price: weight (Law) × Order number × (ton price ÷ 100) × Grams = total paper price required (Note: orders include 3% loss) printing: orders × Single or double sided × The total cost is: UV glue + loss of the inner cover + cost of opening the cover + the actual cost of printing, which is the cost of opening the cover + the actual cost of silver glue + the cost of printing + the cost of opening the cover + the actual cost of printing, Printing several colors, material grams and what kind of paper should be considered 

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