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How much is the plastic bottle blowing machine and what auxiliary equipment do you need

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the price of plastic bottle blowing machinery is different from manufacturer to manufacturer. The price of each model is different, the function is different, and the price is also different, so no one can give you an accurate answer. Generally, the price of blow molding machine ranges from tens of thousands to millions, which should be determined according to your own actual needs
the traditional plastic bottle process is divided into two steps: injection molding and blow molding. In this step, the hollow plastic preform is made into hollow plastic particles by injection molding machine. Then the parison is transferred to the blow molding mold (bottle blowing machine) through the core rod, and the air is introduced through the core rod to blow the parison into the shape of the inner frame of the model
if you want to use traditional methods to produce plastic bottles, you may use the following equipment: plastic particle crusher – injection molding machine – bottle blowing machine – labeling machine and vacuum packaging machine. The particle crusher depends on whether you use recycled plastics for your production needs, and there are also granular materials on sale. After the first step of making a blank – blow molding this step to the finished product, there is a fully automatic machine, but the price is expensive. Labeling machine and packaging are also purchased according to actual needs.

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