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How much is the price of vacuum packaging machine? Great gods help

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What is the price of food vacuum packaging machine

it depends on the specific model. For example, ys-zs – (400) 420 vacuum packaging machine is 4500 yuan. There are many other models with different prices. Reference materials for relevant models:/

vacuum packaging machine (Yongchuang) /zkbzj Safety operation rules for shtml vacuum packaging machine /zkbzj vacuum packaging machine 1. Turn on the power and check whether the sealing strip is intact and whether the machine is leaking electricity. Close the cover for trial operation to check whether the vacuum pump operates normally. 2. Select the required heating temperature according to the packaging bag material and adjust the heating temperature knob to the correct position. 3. Concentrate during operation and do not leave the post without permission. In case of any abnormality, immediately cut off the power and stop the machine for inspection. 4. After completion, when to turn off the power supply, remove the power plug, and do a good job of cleaning and maintenance

different models have different prices, but good brands and guaranteed quality. You can see Yongchuang’s food vacuum packaging machine cc/spzkbzj


vacuum packaging machine: /- CN asp

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