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How to arrange exhibition stands skillfully

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as we all know, lighting plays an important role in exhibition design. How to skillfully use lighting to make the display effect of furniture exhibition booth design better? The following is a brief introduction to the principles to be followed in the lighting design of the exhibition design

1. Functional principle

people will have different feelings in different environments, and people’s eyes will have different psychological feelings for light, darkness and color. When designing the visual environment of furniture exhibition booth design, it is necessary to make full use of the efficacy of light, adjust parameters from the distance, direction and light source of light, play a role in lighting and publicity, and make people feel comfortable in the light environment


2. Safety principle

electricity safety is the most important in any environment, so the position of power supply, line and switch must ensure safety. The power wiring shall be clear and reasonable, and the junction box, PVC sleeve at the insulation and all joints of wires shall be painted as much as possible

3. Artistic principle

the purpose of lighting design is to make the exhibition environment more artistic and attract the attention of visitors. Therefore, in terms of lighting application skills, it is necessary to pay more attention to the contrast between the strength and weakness of light, and display the artistry of light on the exhibits so that visitors can enjoy art

4. Brightness distribution principle

in the exhibition, key exhibits should be at the brightest position in the field of vision. Light sources and lamps are auxiliary to the exhibits. Local illumination can be used to enhance the brightness contrast around the key exhibits. For example, in the furniture exhibition, the lights around the key furniture are bright, and the lights at other locations are as soft as possible. The light color of the sofa in the furniture exhibition should choose the warm color of orange and light yellow

the above four methods can help you skillfully use lights to make the display effect of your furniture exhibition booth design better. Learn more design cases, search Bumblebee exhibition, thousands of cases for you to appreciate. 16 years of industry experience will explain everything with strength

the exhibition is the most time-effective place for the connection between the company and the market. Therefore, regardless of the size of the booth and the goods on display, it is necessary to design the booth. So I am here to introduce you to the top ten skills of exhibition design and layout, hoping to be more helpful to companies that want to participate in the exhibition
ten skills for exhibition design and layout
first, products are designed and distributed uniformly according to classification
because the customers who do not understand the products are also different, the company needs to establish an overall image when participating in the exhibition, and products need to be designed and distributed uniformly according to classification, which can not only establish the company image, but also help promote the promotion and negotiation of products. For exhibitions open to businessmen and the public at the same time, separate commercial display areas and public display areas shall be designed
II. The layout should be conceived from the perspective of visitors rather than exhibitors
first of all, our booth designers should know who our target audience is, what feelings we want to leave when we participate in the exhibition, and what characteristics and doubts the target audience want to know about our products. Only by setting up a booth designed according to the preferences of the target audience will we be able to make a deal for our commodities. For example, in the clothing industry, a picture of a beautiful model wearing a product is more attractive to buyers than the products in the booth packaging box
III. key exhibits need to be highlighted
when designing the booth, we need to highlight the products we focus on, such as hot products with new products on the market and large turnover. We need to reflect this in the booth design. The more important the key products are, the better the products should be placed in the best position and the most appropriate area. If necessary, the booth design layout can focus on one key product
IV. highlight the booth characteristics in the design
focus on the highlights most concerned by the target audience through different booth design methods, and display them through a series of display methods, such as display board display, stacking display, lighting floor foil, arrangement display, model display, etc. for example, luxury goods need to control the number of highlights to foil dignity, etc
v. the exhibits can simulate the use state. Place
a piece of jewelry, a high-end garment, and some home textile products. Weave them around the neck of the model, on the model, and in the living environment to attract the attention of the audience, so that the audience can more intuitively understand the product characteristics and the use of associations, thus leaving a profound impact on the audience
VI. a certain space should be reserved between exhibits.
centralized stacking and close stacking of exhibits will seriously affect the attractiveness of products to the audience. Appropriate white space should be left to highlight the display of representative products. Sufficient space can deepen people’s impression of the product
VII. The design and layout of the booth should be three-dimensional as far as possible.
plane display is the most basic and clumsy display method. Playing makes exhibitors feel and have little effect. Different heights and shapes, hanging and supporting, etc. can increase the attractiveness of products
I hope you can successfully design the exhibition layout through the above skills of exhibition design and layout

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