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How to calculate the price of the packing box

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I can give you a general answer: the cost of paper is divided into the following aspects:
1. The calculation formula of paper is that the ton price of paper * the gram weight /opening number of 1 square meter /500 /(positive 2327) or (Dadu 1884). For example, 12000 /ton, 80 gram Dadu four open newspaper, the paper cost is
12000 * 80 /500 /1884 /4 = 0.2548 yuan
2. For printers, a set of four open edition is generally 300 yuan within three thousand prints in four colors, Every additional 1000 prints is about 40 to 50 yuan. For the opposite opening, full opening, and so on
3. For the rest of the post-processing,
the price of printing these things is very transparent. The key is design. Paper is only the carrier of creativity, so don’t worry too much about the price. The key is to see whether the designed things meet their own needs, surpass their own needs, and truly express their demands
I think the relationship between advertising can be summarized into three points:
First: express yourself
your products (including non-material ones), product characteristics and product advantages,
Second: understand each other
from your product positioning, find customers and position the customer base, that is, who you want to see your advertisement, whether he can understand it and whether it attracts his interest
Three: communication between the two sides
understand each other by expressing themselves, so as to meet the overlapping needs of both sides. Then deal
I think the ultimate goal of advertising is to make a deal, increase sales and profits

advertisements can be divided into two categories
A: image advertising,
this kind of advertising does not require customers to directly contact and purchase through advertising, but only displays the image, so that the product can constantly deepen the impression among the audience and affect them for a long time. Such as many TV advertisements, image publicity
b: for sales,
this kind of advertising requires customers to directly contact and purchase through advertising. Generally, contact information should be brought on it. Mainly for transaction. Image display is the first time

but category A and category B are not absolutely divided, just one primary and one secondary, but no matter how busy, the ultimate goal is the same to improve the product image and sales volume

I’m engaged in packaging, printing and design in Henan. If there is anything I can help you, just Baidu Hi me


the usual formula for calculating paper price: (weight) law × Gram number × Ton price ÷ 500 (ringgit) ÷ opening quantity × Printing number + 10% loss = total price of paper
for example, print 5000 sheets of 16 Kai, use 157 grams of paper, the price per ton of paper is 7300 yuan = 418.19 yuan,

you may not understand the common terms of printing, so it’s not difficult to learn the printing terms

1. Length and width printing – line industry – refers to the size of a large piece of paper. It is divided into two common specifications: large size paper is usually called A3, A4 and A5 paper, which is big 8-open, big 16 open and big 32 open. Positive size paper is usually called B3, B4 and B5 paper, which is regular 8-open, regular 16 open and regular 32 open. This is just a full sheet of paper divided into several parts

2. Gram refers to 1m wide × 1 meter long. The weight weighed is called gram, also known as weight

3. The price per ton refers to the price of one ton of paper, 1 ton (T) = 1000 kg, 1 kg = 1000 g,

4. The number of prints is also called prints, which refers to the quantity you need to print

5. Opening number is also called specification, which refers to how many copies of a large piece of paper (also known as full paper)

6. Loss is also called paper replenishment. It refers to the increased quantity in the printing process, which makes the loss in the printing process. Otherwise, the delivery quantity cannot be guaranteed

it is not difficult to calculate the paper price after you learn these six printing terms

design fee + material fee + printing fee + post process processing

if you don’t understand, you can baidu. Cangnan Kangjia paper and plastic products factory is a manufacturer of cartons and color boxes

I don’t understand the problem. In theory, it’s best to include the packaging into the cost instead of pricing separately, otherwise it will be taxed separately

the cost is not certain. First, after the design, the appearance can be proofed by the manufacturer, then the packaging materials can be selected, and the later process is bronzing and silver stamping. The printing quality is very important. I don’t know you’re talking about the price of god horse. I hope I can help you

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