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How to carry out Canon camera inspection?

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Canon camera inspection is to inspect the camera. The specific machine inspection process is divided into two aspects: appearance inspection and performance test
in the aspect of appearance inspection, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the inside and outside of this Canon camera
specifically, inspection should be carried out from the packaging box
whether a camera is brand new and genuine can be seen from the packaging box
first of all, the packing box should be intact
secondly, the seal on the packing box should be intact
Third, the packaging box itself should be clearly printed and the relevant stickers and other marks should be clear
this proves that the Canon camera is brand new
as for the problem of genuine goods, you need to open the packaging box, check the accessories inside, i.e. the camera body, verify the three code in one, and conduct online verification, so as to confirm whether the camera is genuine goods
then, check the camera…
to check the camera, first check the appearance. The appearance of the camera (including the lens if it is a set of machine) shall be intact, and there shall be no dust stains or traces of use (check the rubber skin of the fuselage, especially the easily worn parts at the edges and corners for signs of wear). Then check whether the screws on the camera have paint falling off and whether they have been unscrewed…
after this inspection, you can confirm whether there is a problem with the camera itself
in addition, check whether other accessories are normal… Especially whether the battery is genuine…
finally, start-up test
install the lens on the camera and start the test… Confirm whether all the functions of the camera are easy to use, whether the image quality of the camera is normal, whether the camera is gray, and whether all the controls are normal…
after this test, you can confirm whether all the functions of the camera are normal
after this series of tests, the machine inspection is completed… Confirm that the camera is OK, and then you can take your favorite machine home and shoot happily

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