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How to design QR code on packaging bag

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the design methods are also different according to different packaging materials and colors
first of all, the QR code does not have to be black and white, but can be combined and matched according to the brand image color and packaging material color
for example: 1. The most direct way to design under the orange background is, of course, the normal design method of black code on white background (traditional QR code style). If you want to be special, you can absorb the black code area from the orange background and remember not to reverse the color matching. The QR code is mainly based on the recognition of heavy colors in the overall color, Moreover, if the protection degree of orange is too low, it will also be recognized. When making, you need to try to test in different light
2. The method of removing the white background is also often used. This requires that the color of the packaging background can form a strong contrast with the color of the QR code (the color of the QR code should be heavy). For example, under light brown paper and orange QR code, the design effect can be tested in the way of positive lamination. Usually, the printing is similar to that of positive lamination

3. There is another method that is relatively difficult. It needs to have the skills of hand drawing and UI design. The texture of vector illustration can be designed for the QR code, so that the QR code has the sense of picture and story. During the design, the QR code should be transformed into survival code, so that the content of code scanning area will be less, and the painting content is not easy to be too messy.

the first step is to use the QR code making tool [forage QR code] to make the QR code of the picture into vector and then design it. I hope it can help you

Hello, I’m glad to answer your question
simply put, there are two kinds of QR codes on the market. One is to generate a dead code that cannot be changed at one time; One is a live code whose information can be changed at any time
if you want to generate a dead code, you can simply find a free QR code generator on Baidu; If the information needs to be updated at any time, it needs to charge a certain fee, because there is a certain background fee
I hope my answer can help you.


there is a small Android software called QR code generator! You can try it. It’s very useful

next barcode printing software. To support two-dimensional code, but also support Chinese characters. I recommend leading bar code label printing software. The operation of this software is relatively simple and has many functions. It can import excel and make serial number. QR code also points out import and batch generation. You can add Web addresses and Chinese characters.

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