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How to do a good job of food safety

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to do a good job in food safety, we should pay attention to the following points:

1 Strengthen food safety monitoring

2. Improve food safety related standards


3. Build a food safety information system

4. Improve the scientific and technological support capacity for food safety

5. Strengthen the construction of emergency response system for food safety emergencies and major accidents

6. Establish a food safety evaluation system

7. Improve the food safety integrity system

8. Continue to carry out special rectification on food safety

9. Improve food safety related certification

10. Strengthen the management of import and export food safety

11. Carry out food safety publicity, education and training

extended data

food safety includes both production safety and operation safety; It includes both result safety and process safety; It includes both real security and future security

Article 99 of the supplementary provisions of Chapter 10 of the food safety law of the people’s Republic of China stipulates: the meaning of the following terms in this Law: food safety means that food is non-toxic and harmless, meets the required nutritional requirements, and does not cause any acute, subacute or chronic harm to human health

reference: Food Safety Law of the people’s Republic of China_ Baidu Encyclopedia

I. popularize food safety knowledge

(I) make full use of various media to strengthen food safety publicity. The news media should open special columns, coordinate the publicity resources of all parties, establish a regular food safety publicity mechanism, and mobilize all parties to do a good job in food safety publicity and education. Publicity slogans should be hung in densely populated places and traffic arteries, food safety lectures, food safety map exhibitions, publicity materials, food safety knowledge competitions and other forms loved by the masses should be held to help the masses dispel doubts, make food safety deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and gradually form the rational consumption concept of the masses, so as to effectively avoid food accidents

(II) do a good job in the education and training of persons in charge of food production and operation enterprises. We will strengthen our awareness of food quality and safety, and ensure that we produce according to law and operate in a standardized manner

II. Comprehensively implement the registration, filing and dynamic supervision of food enterprises and small workshops

for enterprises and small workshops with strong quality awareness and good production conditions, help them improve the basic conditions such as hardware and software to ensure that they can obtain certificates. For enterprises that have obtained food production licenses, strengthen post license supervision such as patrol inspection, annual review, compulsory inspection, supervision and random inspection and return visit. We will intensify the crackdown on unlicensed food enterprises and small workshops with poor conditions and resolutely ban them

III. make full use of regulatory means

(I) give play to the basic role of standards. It is necessary to continuously improve the construction of the food safety standard system, strengthen the filing management of food enterprise standards, and ensure the quality of filing standards. It is necessary to establish and improve a standardized good behavior enterprise creation mode focusing on technical standards and organizing production, operation and management according to standards, and promote it in food production and processing enterprises

(II) supported by inspection and detection. It is necessary to strengthen the construction of food testing technology support capacity to provide technical support for ensuring food safety

(III) make good use of service means. Service is to be a good teacher and friend of the enterprise and help the enterprise solve problems. In view of the backward production process, equipment and management level of some enterprises, the quality supervision department should actively help enterprises continuously improve the measurement, standards and quality assurance system, consolidate the technical foundation of enterprises and ensure that enterprises produce qualified products

(IV) strengthen law enforcement and supervision. According to the characteristics of food processing within the jurisdiction, the inspection plan shall be put forward, supervision measures shall be formulated, and post-treatment work shall be done well

IV. strengthen the management of food additives

in recent years, the use of food additives is one of the problems that are easy to occur in domestic food safety accidents. Managing the procurement, filing and use of food additives will firmly hold the “bull nose” of food safety supervision

(I) purchase phase. Recommend the supply catalogue to the food production and processing enterprises in the region, and require the enterprises to purchase food additives from large-scale and reputable businesses, thus cutting off the source of using inferior, banned and restricted food additives.

(II) filing. The quality supervision department not only knows the use of food additive in quantity, but also requires the food production enterprise to provide the “three certificates” of the purchased additive, namely, the business license of the food additive production enterprise, the food production license and the food hygiene license. At the same time, it conducts incoming verification with designated suppliers to avoid false filing and providing untrue information

(III) use link. Law enforcement personnel were arranged to strengthen daily inspection, on the one hand, to guide the use of food additive substances, on the other hand, to strengthen the investigation and punishment of illegal use of prohibited and restricted food additive substances, so as to minimize the occurrence of abuse and unauthorized use of illegal additive substances

v. strengthen the guidance and assistance to the traditional characteristic (advantageous) food industry

improve the industrial level of fresh rice noodles, dried rice and noodles processing. It is suggested that the government departments should take the lead to guide the owners of small flour and rice noodle workshops to form a cooperative, unify the brand, unify the process flow, unify the quality management, unify the inspection and control, and thoroughly solve the quality and safety hazards of small flour and rice noodle workshops in accordance with the “cooperative + processing households” model

VI. increase investment in food safety work

food safety work is long-term, complex and arduous. Only by ensuring the work funds can we ensure the smooth development of food safety work. In view of the current shortage of funds for some food regulatory departments, it is suggested that the district finance increase the investment in food safety funds to provide necessary financial support for food safety supervision and the implementation of food safety assurance project, special rectification of food safety, food quality inspection, etc

expanding data:

ten suggestions for the prevention of foodborne diseases

1. Do not buy or eat food that is corrupt, filthy and unclean and contains other harmful substances

2. Do not eat food of unknown origin; Do not buy food without factory name, address, shelf life and other incomplete labels

3. Do not patronize unlicensed mobile stalls and restaurants with poor sanitary conditions; Do not buy or eat inferior food and drinks sold by street vendors at will. These inferior foods and beverages are often of poor hygienic quality, and their consumption will endanger health

4. Do not eat cooked food and surplus food stored at room temperature for more than 2 hours

5. Do not eat wild vegetables and f
ruits casually. There are many kinds of wild vegetables and fruits, some of which contain toxins harmful to human body. It is difficult for inexperienced people to distinguish them clearly. Only by not eating wild vegetables and fruits casually can we avoid poisoning and ensure safety

6. Clean the raw fruits and melons. Melons, fruits and vegetables will not only be contaminated with germs, viruses, parasitic eggs, but also residual pesticides, pesticides, etc. if they are not cleaned, they may not only catch diseases, but also cause pesticide poisoning

7. Do not drink unclean water or uncooked tap water; Whether the water is clean or not is difficult to distinguish by the naked eye alone. Clear and transparent water may also contain germs and viruses. Drinking boiled water is the safest

8. Melons and fruits that are eaten directly should be thoroughly washed with clean water and peeled as much as possible; If you don’t eat rotten food, it will taste sour and bitter; It emits peculiar smell, which is caused by the proliferation of bacteria. Eating these foods will cause food poisoning

9. Wash hands before eating or after defecation; Develop the habit of washing your hands before eating. People’s hands do this and that every day, touching all kinds of things. Can be contaminated with germs, viruses and parasitic eggs. Wash your hands carefully with soap before eating, so as to reduce the possibility of “disease entering from the mouth”

10. If abnormal sensory properties are found during eating, stop eating immediately

reference: Baidu Encyclopedia of food safety

the crackdown should always maintain a high-pressure situation

criminal activities endangering food safety seriously endanger the people’s life, health and safety, and the people hate it. Public security organs, procuratorial organs, people’s courts and judicial administrative organs at all levels throughout the country should further unify their thinking, always give prominence to combating criminal activities endangering food safety, and always maintain a high-pressure situation against criminal activities endangering food safety

case filing and investigation: public security organs at all levels, procuratorial organs, people’s courts and judicial administrative organs should further strengthen communication and coordination, cooperate closely, and form a joint force to crack down on criminal activities endangering food safety. The public security organ shall promptly file a case for a crime suspected of endangering food safety, take effective criminal coercive measures according to law, quickly detect it, and promptly transfer it for examination and prosecution. Procuratorial organs should do a good job in examining and approving arrests and prosecutions, fully perform their duties of legal supervision, supervise the transfer of suspected crimes by administrative law enforcement organs according to law, further strengthen legal supervision over the filing, prosecution, trial and execution of cases, and ensure that investigation, prosecution, trial and execution are carried out in an orderly manner according to law

sentencing by the court: when a crime is sentenced to death, it should be resolutely sentenced to death

the people’s court should accurately understand and strictly apply the law. The conviction and sentencing of criminals endangering food safety should not only consider the amount of crime and personal casualties, but also fully consider the subjective malignancy of criminals, the means of crime, the degree of damage of criminal acts to the market order, and the adverse impact. The recidivists, recidivists, principal offenders in joint crimes, criminals who cause serious harm to human health and have huge sales amount shall be severely punished in accordance with the law. If the crime should be sentenced to death, the death penalty shall be resolutely imposed in accordance with the law; We should increase the application of property punishment and completely deprive criminals of the capital for illegal profits and crimes again; It is necessary to strictly control the application of probation and exemption from criminal punishment to criminals who endanger food safety

job-related crimes: those involved in corruption and dereliction of duty shall not be exempted from punishment.

criminal activities endangering food safety shall be curbed and severely cracked down according to law, and relevant job-related crimes must be severely punished according to law. For corrupt elements who shelter and connive at illegal and criminal activities endangering food safety, as well as state functionaries who accept bribes, neglect their duties, abuse their power, bend the law for selfish ends, and fail to perform their statutory duties in the supervision and investigation of illegal and criminal activities endangering food safety, all obstacles and interference shall be eliminated, and the investigation and punishment shall be strengthened and severely punished according to law. Generally, probation or exemption from criminal punishment shall not be applied to job-related criminals who endanger food safety

sound system: judicial suggestions should be made in case of regulatory loopholes.

for the loopholes and hidden dangers in food safety supervision found in the investigation and handling of cases, judicial suggestions should be made in a timely manner to remind and urge relevant departments and units to improve the system, strengthen management and nip in the bud

expanded data:

food safety means that food is non-toxic and harmless, meets the required nutritional requirements, and does not cause any acute, subacute or chronic harm to human health. According to benoir’s definition of food safety, food safety

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