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How to fill in the number and type of packages on the customs declaration form

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when filling in the customs declaration form, fill in the packing type and quantity according to the outermost packing of the goods

I. The quantity and unit of customs declaration refers to the actual quantity and unit of measurement of import and export commodities, so the upper side of the customs declaration shall be consistent with the legal unit required by HS code
this column is filled in and printed in three lines
II. The specific filling requirements are as follows:
(I) import and export goods must be filled in according to the legal unit of measurement of the customs, and the legal unit of measurement and quantity are printed in the first line of this column
(II) where the customs lists the second unit of measurement, the second unit of measurement and quantity of the commodity must be reported and printed in the second line of this column. If there is no second UOM, the second line of this column is blank
(III) the transaction measurement unit and quantity should be filled in and printed on the third line
(IV) fill in the quantity whose legal unit of measurement is “kilogram”. Under special circumstances, the filling requirements are as follows:
1. The goods loaded into reusable packaging containers shall be filled in according to the net weight of the goods, such as canned isotopes, canned oxygen and similar products, the weight of their packaging containers shall be deducted
2. For goods using indivisible packaging materials and packaging containers, fill in according to the net weight of the goods (i.e. including the net weight of the inner direct packaging), such as wine, cans, cosmetics and similar products for retail packaging
3. Goods priced in metric weight according to business practices should be filled in according to metric weight, such as non degreased wool, wool sliver, etc
4. Goods priced with gross weight as net weight can be filled in according to gross weight, such as agricultural and sideline products with lower prices such as grain and feed
5. If complete sets of equipment and goods with tax exemption or reduction need to be imported in batches, the quantity of goods shall be determined according to the actual inspection application status
6. According to the HS classification rules, if the parts are classified according to the whole machine, fill in “0.1” for the legal first quantity, and if there is a legal second quantity, declare according to the actual net weight of the goods
7. For incomplete products and unfinished products with the basic characteristics of complete products or finished products, if they should be classified as complete products according to HS classification rules, the declared quantity shall be declared according to the actual quantity constituting complete products
(V) for processing trade and other goods that have been recorded, the transaction measurement unit must be consistent with the measurement unit of goods under the same item number in the processing trade manual. For domestic sales of leftover materials and by-products in processing trade and re export of leftover materials, this column shall fill in the measurement unit of their inspection application status.

products with the same product name can be rewritten in quantity, gross and net
the product name is your declaration name
several product names can be written in one customs declaration form
both Chinese product names and HS codes should be written on the customs declaration form.

150 cartons


just write the number of cartons directly for export! It doesn’t matter!

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