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How to hold a good printing production meeting

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How to hold a good printing production meeting

there are many kinds of

printing production meetings. For example, the production and sales meetings mainly include the following aspects


how many outstanding orders are there

how many urgent and extra urgent items are left, how many orders are overdue, and how many orders are to be completed within three days

whether all materials for urgent and extra urgent items are in place, how to deal with them if they are not in place, whether all urgent and extra urgent items can be handled if they are in place

how much capacity of all current production capacity is in full load every day, and how long can all overdue orders be produced, If it can not be completely completed, which orders need to be communicated with customers

temporary orders should be inserted into several sets of loose orders as far as possible, and large orders should not be split for production as far as possible

for example,

in the quality meeting

analysis and discussion of quality anomalies, find the problem points of quality anomalies

analyze and troubleshoot the problem points of quality anomalies one by one, Find out the real cause of abnormal quality

whether the abnormal quality is controllable. If it is not controllable, how to reasonably communicate with customers to make customers make reasonable concessions to quality requirements. If the abnormal quality is controllable, the whole production process needs to be controlled one by one to ensure that there are no loopholes in the whole production process and avoid the occurrence of abnormal quality

there is also a case analysis. There are the following aspects

1 First discuss the process of labels or other printed matter

2 Analyze the control method of each process through the process flow, as well as the control that may cause tolerance or other exceptions

3 It is made into control documents and issued internally to ensure the production standardization of all production departments

of course, there are many printing production meetings, which are not listed here. In short, the purpose of the meeting is to solve problems

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