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How to install the wire rope of this crane

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several photos can’t be seen clearly. It’s recommended to call the manufacturer and ask them. The manufacturer may be able to provide installation videos
the crane is equipped with manganese phosphating coated steel wire rope, which has a long service life.

go to Baidu app to view

 1. Transport the new steel wire rope (together with the rope reel winding the steel wire rope) under the crane and put it on the support that can rotate the rope reel

 2. The crane drops the hook and places it stably and firmly on the prepared support (or flat ground) so that the pulley is vertical upward

 3. Continue to put the steel wire rope on the drum and stop the pressing plate at the position convenient for extending the wrench

 8. The crane starts the lifting mechanism, winds a new steel wire rope and lifts the hook. All replacement work is completed. When winding a new steel wire rope, someone on the trolley shall observe the winding, and the observer must pay special attention to safety

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