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How to locate packaging design

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1. Brand positioning, including: company brand, product brand, company logo, brand logo, brand series positioning (opposite to the positioning of single products), single product positioning, etc.
2. Product positioning to use product positioning, we must determine four problems related to products: product category, product characteristics, use method and occasion, price and sense of quality.
(1) product category should we associate consumers with this kind of product or that kind of product? In addition, different positioning strategies will also make the products sold through different channels. The packaging of positioning fresh milk will be sold smoothly through the vegetable market, while the packaging of positioning fitness food will be distributed through the shopping malls of health goods. If sold in supermarkets, the dairy products packaged with improved varieties will also be displayed on different shelves, which can answer some questions often raised by some people. Can the same product be put on the market with two different packages at the same time? The answer is yes, absolutely, but it is inconsistent with professional ethics and habits.
(2) product features we hope that people will have a view of a product with this rather than that feature.
(3) how and where do we want people to use this product, or at what time of day? (4) sense of price and quality we hope that people will feel cheap, average or expensive about this product? Experience tells us that the actual sales price of a product should be consistent with the appearance price of the product. If the appearance of a package is inconsistent with the product price, consumers will doubt it. Any kind of packaging design, regardless of its positioning, can make the packaging feel cheap, medium or high through the purposeful use of appropriate pattern techniques, such as bright, strong colors, different layout, quiet and rational design, plus bronzing, embossing and highlight treatment.
3. The orientation of consumption object is here. What kind of people or mental state do we particularly hope to become potential consumers of our products.
(1) what kind of people mainly refers to, such as a certain age group, a certain occupation, a certain gender, etc. (2) psychological objects psychological objects mainly refer to different lifestyles, personalities and national hobbies. Psychological design is not only suitable for people who belong to a certain cultural class. And it can be suitable for people with special good design style. Therefore, in the design of psychological positioning, we are closer to promoting art than products.
4. Packaging and positioning the essence of packaging is structural modeling and its materials. In addition to the function of containing and protecting products, packaging also has the function of information transmission. The packaging construction material, the cover body and the shape of the label all have the function of expressing a positioning information
it can be seen that the packaging design includes:
(1) materials, such as plastic, glass, paperboard and compound materials.
(2) modeling, including industrial modeling or patent modeling
(3) plane effect, including simple and gorgeous decoration and embossing.
(4) shape and size, including single package, large package, container, household consumption, combined package, etc. (5) easy to use, easy to access, multiple use of cover and easy to open, etc.

how to position packaging design

an enterprise with strategic vision will design the packaging of products purposefully and purposefully. Intelligent designers will consider these questions when designing packaging: what do we sell? What are the customer groups? what time? On what occasion? And why
let’s step by step analyze how designers position themselves in packaging design

steps /METHODS:


“what do we sell?”
this is what designers need to let consumers see at first sight in packaging design. When designers combine pictures with words, they should not forget to put the product use methods and daily precautions on the packaging
“what are our customer groups?”
different customer groups have different personalities and hobbies. According to different personalities and hobbies, to customize different packaging designs will undoubtedly have better marketing effect
“when will our products be sold?”
according to the current trend and the service life of product packaging, designers need to update the packaging in time. Otherwise, it will not keep up with the pace of the market and be eliminated

“where are our products sold?”
in different occasions, different regions and different cultural habits, the packaging of products also needs to be properly positioned

“why design like this?”
in fact, this problem is to summarize the above design and timely emphasize the personality of your products. Only by clarifying their own personality can packaging be given life

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