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How to make a good package for a product?

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it depends on what kind of product you need. If it is fine, it must be made in beautiful packaging. If it is equipment, you can contact Shanghai bakaji industrial equipment packaging Co., Ltd., which specializes in wooden cases, iron cases and crates packaging of equipment and export equipment. For a product, investigate the actual size and shape on site, understand the characteristics, and work out the packaging design scheme. I hope I can help you.

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1. Good packaging design must be shown to your target customers

design packaging according to the preferences of the target customers,


we need to know where the users are. Which age group is it, in first tier cities or third tier cities? Secondly, we need to understand the preferences of users. Think about the user’s love and mentality from the user’s point of view. Only when you understand the user can you be understood by the user

2. Good packaging design must be differentiated

the differentiation of a product will form its own advantages! This differentiation should be demonstrated through product packaging

differentiated performance on packaging, such as color, can be realized

3. A good packaging design must have a unique selling point

there must be a unique selling point on the packaging, which must be unique among similar products. The unique selling points affirm the reasons for consumers to buy and distinguish the competitive products

Mr. Bao Yang Hong personally believes that if you take your packaging design seriously, it can help you reduce the promotion cost and improve the sales force of products

is designed for the product. From the concept of integrated communication put forward by modern marketing, packaging is not only a problem in product strategy, but also an irreplaceable medium in promotion. Consumers’ interest in products largely depends on the extensive penetration of the mass media, but whether it can lead to the final purchase depends on the key step at the door. As the last pass of communication with consumers, packaging plays an important role. Enterprises need to convey the connotation of products through packaging, and also need to complete the last step of communication with consumers through packaging
excellent packaging will not only attract customers’ attention in stores, but also further improve products. It is a market strategy that any well-known enterprise dare not ignore
then, as a professional designer, you must understand the knowledge of packaging modeling, structure, color, materials, molding process, packaging culture in different times, packaging design scheme and many other aspects. You should be highly targeted, and take consumption as the driving force, environment and condition of packaging design, as the source of design inspiration and the bridge to success. Only in this way can packaging design promote the sales of enterprise products and create more added value for enterprises
in short, as a packaging designer, there are many elements to consider. Designers need to constantly accumulate experience in their daily work, learn endlessly, refer to the excellent works of their peers and learn more foreign packaging design styles
packaging design does not only pursue the beauty of appearance. The most important thing is to introduce the characteristics of products through visual images, convey the information of products, and finally achieve the purpose of selling goods and improving sales. A successful packaging design can lead the enterprise into a new development process and open up a new market. Therefore, innovative packaging design is not just a beautiful decoration, but can play an important role in the highly competitive market. A perfect and successful packaging design is not accidental. It must be the result of the efforts of visionary entrepreneurs and excellent professional designers.

Product packaging or transportation packaging?

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