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How to make a packing belt

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How to make a packing belt

no matter PP packing belt, pet packing belt and steel packing belt, they all need the matching operation of the packer to achieve the best effect. Generally, the packer is divided into manual packer, semi-automatic packer and full-automatic packer. The actual situation is analyzed

Shuanghui plastic steel pet packing belt


1) has strong tensile resistance. It not only has the tensile resistance of steel belt, but also has the ductility of impact resistance, which can ensure the transportation safety of products

(2) the elongation is small, and the elongation is only one sixth of that of polypropylene belt, which can maintain the tension for a long time

(3) strong temperature resistance, melting point of 260 degrees, no deformation below 120 degrees

(4) good safety, no rust pollution of steel belt and bundled objects, and bright color

(5) good economic benefits. The length of 1 ton pet packing belt is equivalent to the length of 6 tons of steel belt of the same specification. The unit price per meter is more than 40% lower than that of steel belt, which can reduce the packaging cost

arrange the belt and fix it with the hand-held machine of the packing belt
or use a large machine to place the items and put them into the machine for automatic completion.

use packer

bend the left end of the packing belt, insert the packing buckle, fold the left fixing rod into the packing belt and tighten it. Hold the packing belt with your right hand around the package, bend the right end of the packing belt into the packing buckle, and fold the left fixing rod into the packing belt. Fix the packing buckle with your left hand and press the right end of the packing belt with your right hand to tighten the packing buckle. Finally, cut the packing belt with scissors

the packing belt is made of PP and pet. Main production process: plastic particle melting – pressing – forming – cooling – winding – Packaging – warehousing. The packaging belt is a network structure packaging material produced by polypropylene through heating, melting, stretching and cooling. The basic parameters affecting the quality of the packaging belt are tension, length, bending, elongation, etc. When the tensile force and other parameters are the same, the longer the length, the lower the cost.

is it a manual packing belt or a machine packing belt

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